My 3 Favourite Netflix Doco’s

I’ve mentioned lately that we have been hibernating this winter, staying indoors, reading books & relaxing.  The lull in the usual busy schedule has had us watching documentaries on the weekend, I enjoy putting something on in the background whilst we are pottering about the house, and I like how documentaries have the power pull you away […] Read more…


The Library

We’ve been hibernating and generally trying to stay warm this winter – it has literally been freezing here in Perth – with ice on the car in the mornings!   So it’s been nice to stay at home and read books whilst drinking cups of tea & cuddling with hot water bottles. Lately we’ve been in […] Read more…


Rome the Streets at Sunset

We did a round trip walk of Rome when we where there, after visiting The Vatican we roamed the streets toward The Colosseum, then looping back through the shopping district and to the other side of the city where our hotel was. We continued on into the evening and the setting sun, until the streets were dark, but warm […] Read more…

Rose With French Vanilla 5

Find of the Week

Herbal teas are a pleasure I’m just starting to enjoy.  I’ve always been a tea drinker but anything more adventurous than English Breakfast felt a bit too much like drinking potpourri. Lately I’ve been open to re-trying things I had once dismissed, it started with a cup of chamomile (which I once detested), I poured one a few weeks […] Read more…

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