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Blue Water Grill

The best part about wedding planning, for me, has been choosing a venue.  We have narrowed it down to two options, not including our house which is still a contender.  I would really love to have an intimate home wedding, like a dressed up bbq, but due to the timing (being winter) the price of hiring […]

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So I had a really interesting day on Social Media yesterday.  A quick shot I posted onto Instagram went viral! It was quite exciting, and if I wasn’t so busy making plans for mine and Brett’s upcoming wedding (scheduled for this July) I would have been able to enjoy the moment a bit more.  By […]

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Hello – it’s been a while!  I have to apologise for being away from M&B for so long!  But there is a valid reason… Which I can’t share just yet… But soooooon very soon.  AND it’s super big and exciting news… Until then, I’ve done up a new about page!  Do you like it?  The […]



When Wyatt and Jack asked what #mollyandbeans could fit into a matchbox the three of us just so happened to be fitting marshmallows into our faces… An idea was born “let’s go down to the shops and get MORE marshmallows for an experiment” I said. Molly & Beans totally agreed!  Now, I’m not saying we could […]

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