IKEA HOME FEATURE | mollyandbeans.com


We are so happy here at M&B to have been chosen to feature in the local home section of the Ikea Family Live Magazine. Although I do not remember writing er.. well.. most of it, and Kitty is.. you know.. a kitty cat – not a dog, aaannd the photos are super dark – it’s really […]

Change seasons into the boot hybrid | mollyandbeans.com

Changing Seasons

I saw the most delicious looking hybrid booties {pictured above} on Pinterest the other day and fell head over *heels* for them – oh gosh, that was another pun I think!  And then what do you know – shock horror – there was no link attached grrr – don’t you just hate when that happens […]

Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation - must view | mollyandbeans.com


If you haven’t already seen Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation, and you have a spare 30 minutes I have added it here for you to easily click on and view. I thoroughly enjoyed it, his ayurvedic jokes in the beginning are cute and the message he has to give is delivered perfectly. […]

Beauty Finds | mollyandbeans.com


This is the first post in my ‘Beauty Finds’ series, if it goes well I will do it once a month. This month it’s kind of a ‘what’s in my bag’ post also, as I love all three of these products so much they are getting lugged around with me everywhere I go at the moment. Nature’s Care Natural Paw […]

MY HAPPY EXPERIMENT WEEK | BLOG | mollyandbeans.com


You may have read in this post that I have been conducting a ‘happy’ experiment this week.  For a while I had been questioning the ‘state’ of happiness and was lead to wondering if I could remain in that state for a whole week.  I did remain as happy as possible for the whole week, a few things were […]

In love with Kikki.K |mollyandbeans.com

Lilac & Gold @ kikki.K

I have always admired the delicate pairing of lilac and gold together, it makes me feel happy and uplifted (as colours do for me – tehee)!  The new leather collection at kikki.K certainly had me falling hard with a cute little ‘geometric’ take on polkadots in a gold diamond pattern against the lilac – it is indeed sweet and […]

Cardamom Tequila & Maple | Cocktail hour | mollyandbeanas.com


I will admit I am not the biggest fan of tequila but we have an open bottle at home and I have a girlfriend popping by after work (is 4pm is cocktail hour yet) so I have been dreaming up something different I can offer her to drink and came up with the mix below, a light, refreshing […]

My 6 Biggest Beauty Mistakes | mollyandbeans.com


I have had a number of notable beauty mistakes over the years, fake tanning probably tops the list – from baking in the solariums to the ghastly spray-on stuff and everything in-between.  I think some beauty mistakes should be embraced as a coming-of-age for us girls ~ we do it once and look back with a cringe […]

SHADES DARKER | mollyandbeans.com


  My Happy Experiment has been going well this week, which is why I haven’t posted about my hair because it is hard to stay in a happy place when you are not so happy.. if you know what I mean… ugh.. So I am just going to say that my hair looks nice but […]

BE HAPPY - AN EXPERIMENT | mollyandbeans.com


A car pulled out on me this morning, in order to avoid an accident I had to break hard, missing the back of him by a few inches… Usually I would be sending a few evil thoughts over to the driver in my head, but today I decided to smile and think nothing of it, […]

Delicious - pull apart - provincial style (and Molly begging to taste it) | CINNAMON & BANANA BREAD | mollyandbeans.com

Cinnamon & Banana Bread

We had some hard working men {Brett & friend} building a limestone wall in our backyard over the weekend.  To give them an afternoon coffee break I made some banana bread.  I wanted to do ‘bread’ but also wanted to have individual pieces instead of a single loaf, so instead of putting the filled patties into […]

Flicked Bob @ Toni & Guy Perth Central | mollyandbeans.com

Flicked Bob @ Toni & Guy Perth Central

Happy Friday to you!  It’s been a busy week here so I am going to start off by apologising for the mess you can see in the background of the photos I took of my new hairdo {which I also don’t have any make up on for ~ eeek under eye bags}!!  Can you believe that […]

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