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One of my favourite down time activities is reading magazines, I love getting them sent by mail, seeing their covers as they sit in the front entrance inbox until I can take an hour or two off to slowly read through each one with a big cup of tea in the reading nook.  After having a […]

Spring is in the air |

It’s in the air

Although it was stormy over the weekend, Monday morning started with a brightly shining sun bursting through the windows and lighting up the whole house with a glow, outside coloured flowers sway on the sweetly scented breeze and an array of birds are chirping away, things are starting to get busy out there. Spring has sprung it […]

My Friday Checklist | Don't leave work without doing these tasks |


Yay!! It’s Friday, and the end of a long week for me.  I am looking forward to spending some time with family over the weekend and having some celebrations for my mums bday!!   I have a little checklist that I like to look over on Friday afternoons, when it’s too early to call it a […]

See the 5 things making me happy this week |


It’s Wednesday {HUMP DAY} so I wanted to share the 5 things that have been giving me a HAPPY FIX lately: The tree out the front has grown so big that it nearly eclipses the house!  All year round I watch the buds form on the tree, knowing that once it has lost it’s last […]

Goodbye Desk, one last look at my old space |

Goodbye Desk

I mentioned in this post that I have been planning to move my office, I am currently putting the finishing touches on the new space – and although exciting – it has made me nostalgic – I wanted to say goodbye to the desk and surroundings that I have had for the past year, and share some […]

Indila - Dernière Danse (Clip Officiel)

Monday Quote

You may have noticed Molly & Beans was silent last week.  We had a busy weekend the weekend before last and fell behind in our schedule.  It’s funny how things can get so messed up when you take a couple of days off of your usual duties, it seems that unless you work twice as hard for […]



We are so happy here at M&B to have been chosen to feature in the local home section of the Ikea Family Live Magazine. You can see a more detailed postings on our house here: The front entrance, master bedroom, lounge room, family room, dining room, reading nook. Although I do not remember writing er.. well.. […]

Change seasons into the boot hybrid |

Changing Seasons

I saw the most delicious looking hybrid booties {pictured above} on Pinterest the other day and fell head over *heels* for them – oh gosh, that was another pun I think!  And then what do you know – shock horror – there was no link attached grrr – don’t you just hate when that happens […]

Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation - must view |


If you haven’t already seen Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation, and you have a spare 30 minutes I have added it here for you to easily click on and view. I thoroughly enjoyed it, his ayurvedic jokes in the beginning are cute and the message he has to give is delivered perfectly. […]

Beauty Finds |


This is the first post in my ‘Beauty Finds’ series, if it goes well I will do it once a month. This month it’s kind of a ‘what’s in my bag’ post also, as I love all three of these products so much they are getting lugged around with me everywhere I go at the moment. Nature’s Care Natural Paw […]



You may have read in this post that I have been conducting a ‘happy’ experiment this week.  For a while I had been questioning the ‘state’ of happiness and was lead to wondering if I could remain in that state for a whole week.  I did remain as happy as possible for the whole week, a few things were […]

In love with Kikki.K |

Lilac & Gold @ kikki.K

I have always admired the delicate pairing of lilac and gold together, it makes me feel happy and uplifted (as colours do for me – tehee)!  The new leather collection at kikki.K certainly had me falling hard with a cute little ‘geometric’ take on polkadots in a gold diamond pattern against the lilac – it is indeed sweet and […]

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