Let's make FAIRY Bread! - Hang on, what is fairy bread?? I'll show you - Bread, Butter, Sprinkle (hundreds and thousands) cut. DONE! | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle Blog

What is FAIRY Bread?

Let’s made fairy bread.  But first – what is fairy bread?  Everyone in Australia will be able to tell me!  When I posted a snap on Instagram of me eating some, I had a few curious comments from around the world… So let me explain for those of you who don’t know:  Fairy bread is […]



Welcome to the start of the week! Soooo – I had grand plans to do loads of gardening this past weekend.   But.  It rained.  It didn’t just rain, it hailed & thundered & lightening-ed…  Gardening cancelled.  Buutt there were long lazy days where brunch turned into exciting expeditions. Talking about getting excited… Molly and Beans […]

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Blog Questions – Writing Styles

Hello.  Happy end of the week – where sleep-ins turn to long lunches and exciting nights relaxing with loved ones.  Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful weekend plan?  Well as I mentioned in this post, its gardening, gardening, gardening for me so there will be none of that!  But we can dream. As always with Blog […]



It’s been an exciting and busy week for us, we have barely been home at all!  Early starts and late nights have me dreaming of the weekend – but as there is a LOT of gardening to do and not much time left to do it (summer is well and truly on it’s way), it seems […]

Potted Potter - The Unauthorised Harry Experience! All Seven Harry Potter Books in Seventy Hilarious Minutes | Review, Funny, Perth, Heath Ledger Theatre | Lifestyle Blog | Molly & Beans

Potted Potter – The unauthorised Harry Experience!

Potted Potter – The Unauthorised Harry Experience.  A parody by Dan & Jeff.  All seven Harry Potter Books in seventy hilarious minutes.  World tour.  Now playing at the Heath Ledger Theatre Perth, Western Australia. I am a jaded soul, well and truly a part of the internet age – I wouldn’t say easily bored, just that my […]


Baby Elephants @ The Now Closed Sheraton, Phuket.

We were at a steakhouse called Hippo Creek for dinner on Saturday night, where Brett and another guy were chatting, it was funny, because when possible Brett likes to talk about the best ‘reef and beef’ he has ever had – which was at the Sheraton in Phuket.  Specifically the meal was lobster and some kind […]



Hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend?  Molly and Beans both had a clip this weekend – so much fur came off them it’s not even funny.  I also had a lovely lunch & sit in the sunshine yesterday, along with helping a friend enter into the world of blogging! My quote this week […]

This Saturday I have photographed in the kitchen again: Glass jars from The Reject Shop filled with Star Anise & Cinnamon Quills. Le Cruset Skillets from David Jones. White Dining set similar from Ebay. Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plates & Vase.


Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  It’s my second instalment of #SaturdayShelfie.  If you love re-arranging your shelves as much as I do, join in the # on Instagram! This Saturday I have photographed in the kitchen again: Glass jars from The Reject Shop filled with Star Anise & Cinnamon Quills.  Le Cruset […]

Blog Questions - Photography | Molly & Beans

Blog Questions – Photography

Hello, & Happy Friday to you! Last week on Blog Questions, I said I was going to delve into photography a little more.  I would love to take my photography to the next level, it always seems that holiday snaps or ones where I am not over thinking turn out great but ‘staged’ photos of […]

The Dark Side Of The Moon | Lunar Eclipse 2014 Blood Moon | Red Moon Total Eclipse | Lifestyle Blog | Molly & Beans

Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse

I had a great view of last nights lunar Eclipse.  We missed the very start being in Western Australia.  For a while, as dusk turned to night the clouds threatened to block us from seeing anything at all, but then just as I was about to give up the dense clouds parted and the black sky lit […]

5 Things | This Week's Happy Fix | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle Blog


5 things that are making me happy this week:  The last of the winter rain; Getting to read a whole book in one day;  Fly away ladybird;  The blueberry bush in full production;  An amazing sky. JOIN ME on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin and Twitter if you like! Love Sarah | M&B x  



Over the last couple of months I have been receiving emails from lovely readers letting me know that they were not able to leave a comment.   Thank you to everyone who contacted me, I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know.   The issue was only happening for a few people, but as the […]

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