I met this happy guy on my morning walk – he was so cute and loveable rolling around on the grass!  It reminded me of the most-super-cutest youtube clip – Sophie the British bulldog puppy!  Rolling around on the grass (or down a grassed hill like Sophie) – if i could find one, used to be one […]

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So we are in the new space – finally!! YAY It has been a busy few months, which saw the passing of our beautiful Kitty.  I still go to the door to let her inside, or see her out of the corner of my eye, momentarily, before my brain has time to compute that she […]

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I debated writing this post because my theme is a ‘happy blog’, but it is after all a blog, which should chronicle daily life.  So sorry in advance for the sad post. My cat Kitty originally came from New Zealand, the story goes that on a freezing cold night a stray cat climbed a tree and jumped […]


Monday Quote

Good morning! Happy Monday to you.  I have been scheduling my week this morning.  There is lots to do in the lead up to Christmas.  A new office space is on the horizon which is exciting.  If you follow me in Pinterest you will have seen me going a little crazy pinning office space ideas!  I […]



The last few months have been hectic in the garden.  We built a 20 metre limestone retaining wall across the back of the house, and filled it with magnolias trees and grasses, it was a hard slog but we got there in the end and it is finally finished! YAY!! We decided to put a […]



Let’s face it.  Nobody waits until Christmas time to get the things they need want anymore, and unless you are a small child (or perhaps a grown child for that matter) opening a whole bunch of unnecessary things presents has started to seem a bit off.  Or is this just me? Be honest with me – you most likely […]


Dinner and a show!? Erm, no.

Holly c**p – can anyone else believe that it’s 1 December 2014…..! Me neither… Time just flies and goes quicker and quicker.  But on that depressing note it’s Party Season!  YAY  It’s been one Christmas-do after another for us (they seem to start happening earlier and earlier each year as we all have more and […]

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Get back up

Happy Monday! I have been gone for a while now.  I didn’t think the blog would mind.  A break is always good. To set the tone for the week I usually start Monday off with a Quote.  But today, instead, I thought I would share with you what I think my best quality is.  This […]


Sick Note

Ah.. Sorry I have been gone for so long! I am posting from my phone (hopefully it works) as I am still laid up in bed with some hybrid flu like thing!! I over did it in the garden on the weekend, in the rain, with a cold, it was silly I know but I […]

Can't do Friday Questions, sorry. Molly & Beans

Friday Questions??

Not this week, sorry…   I’ve just checked in to say that I can’t do my usual Blog Questions today as I am sick.  Really.  I mean I would rather be dangling my feet into a pool overlooking the sunny city… But I’m not.  What’s that – you don’t believe me?  Teehee.  *cough* *cough* – real […]

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What is FAIRY Bread?

Let’s made fairy bread.  But first – what is fairy bread?  Everyone in Australia will be able to tell me!  When I posted a snap on Instagram of me eating some, I had a few curious comments from around the world… So let me explain for those of you who don’t know:  Fairy bread is […]



Welcome to the start of the week! Soooo – I had grand plans to do loads of gardening this past weekend.   But.  It rained.  It didn’t just rain, it hailed & thundered & lightening-ed…  Gardening cancelled.  Buutt there were long lazy days where brunch turned into exciting expeditions. Talking about getting excited… Molly and Beans […]

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