Ikea to the rescue – filing nightmare sorted

Filing nightmare sorted - mollyandbeans.comI posted last week about my filing nightmare.  We used to have bulky grey filing cabinets {the kind you see in old offices} which were taking up lots of room and looked rather ugly.

So I took everything out (something I like to do to get myself motivated!) and got rid of them before l could change my mind.   I couldn’t decide what to do with all the paperwork once it was all sorted, but chose to utilise the space underneath the TV {there was a small brown console there that was filled with junk}.  After WAY too long with the filing sitting all over the floor I went with the Ikea Expedit bookcase and boxes to store it all in.  The boxes {surprisingly} fit quite a lot of paperwork inside.  Being worried there would not be enough room to fit everything I bought an extra box (which I really like offsetting the symmetry on the side} I didn’t end up needing the extra one as I have a few boxes empty, but at least now there is space to grow into.

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Filing nightmare sorted - mollyandbeans.comI am really into pink as an accent colour at the moment, so I went with a couple to offset all the white.  They were also a lot cheaper than the fabric covered boxes so when I am sick of the colour I can change them out.  I am so glad to have all the paper off the floor and now sorting through it is a pleasure instead of a pain!!


Filing nightmare sorted - mollyandbeans.com

Beans sitting in front of the new storage.



  • Marie

    I just love how things have their place and they are all nice and tidy, lovely boxes!

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Marie! Yes it’s so easy to keep tidy once everything has a home! X

  • moira

    Can you please come and and sort me out …

    • Sarah B

      Lol!!! XXX