DIY Copper Curtain Rods

DIY Copper Curtain Rods |

I have always had a mini-love affair with anything copper… So sooner or later something crazy like DIY copper piping curtain rods were going to happen to me!  Here’s the story:  The back room of our house is an open plan kitchen / living & dining room.  I felt the dining room needed to be clearly defined to make it feel more cozy and enjoyable to eat in.  It has three walls but they are nearly full glass windows on all sides, so I added floor to ceiling length royal blue curtains from Ikea to the three walls to enclose the space and a couple of large pendants hanging over the dining table in white to offset the blue – the previous lighting was too harsh and the pendants now give out a soft glow with lovely patterns thrown around the room.  I wasn’t sure about buying ready made curtain rods as I feel they can look a little plastic – I really wanted something shiny but couldn’t find anything I liked!  Then I had an idea to do it myself with copper piping.  I am so pleased with the end result {I was having second thoughts as we were hanging it} but I think it looks so much better than the black rods I was going to use.  I love the texture that the copper and brass add to the space and I think it brings a sense of fun to the room!  Now sitting for long meals in the newly defined dining room is a pleasure!

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DIY Copper Curtain Rods |


Two 19.05mm x 1500 lengths of copper piping.  Two brass end joints.  One brass connector.  One pair of Ikea block out curtains.


  1. put the curtains onto the copper piping
  2. thread the end joint onto one of the lengths of pipe
  3. thread the middle joint onto this length making sure they face the same way
  4. thread the second piece of copper pipe to the middle joint
  5. thread the last end joint onto the second piece of copper pipe ensuring all joints face the same way
  6. have a second person hold the piping in place on the wall
  7. fix to wall with appropriate screws for your wall type starting with the middle joint

DIY Copper Curtain Rods | mollyandbeans.comDIY Copper Curtain Rods | mollyandbeans.comDIY Copper Curtain Rods | mollyandbeans.comDIY Copper Curtain Rods | mollyandbeans.comDIY Copper Curtain Rods | mollyandbeans.comDIY Copper Curtain Rods |

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and it was great to discover yours.
    The copper curtain rods are fabulous and this is such a great idea. thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sunday

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Carolyn! xx

  • Melly Waters

    What a lovely designed room Sarah. I have been wanting to put up curtains for the longest time and the only option I keep seeing is plastic plastic plastic.
    I can’t wait to show my husband your room picture and hopefully do the same this weekend. Thanks again 🙂

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Melly! xx