Aparantly the next time Friday the thirteenth falls on a full won’t be until 2049!  Apart from the fact that a black cat ran across the road in front of me last night {not pictured} and considering  it is also a full moon {I usually go full moon crazy} I am feeling pretty good for a ‘freaky friday’!  I’m excited to be having an impromptu lunch date with some lovely ladies and one little man.  I haven’t stubbed my toe or given myself a million paper cuts or anything else that usually happens to me on a Friday the 13th! {touch wood ~ the day is not over yet}.   I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and are enjoying this stunning, fresh and sunny Friday as much as me. x

Ps ~ Kitty looked quite scary in the photo above, so I thought I would share it today.   I took it the other day for my Instagram account; I walked into the hallway and there she was staring at me with an exceptionally creepy look on her face, I must have caught her plotting to do naughty things…  I’m considering changing her name to something more fitting like Azrael, what do you think?!! lol {love you Kitty}.