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I was chatting to a friend the other day who has to go and get a physical for work and it had me thinking about my own health.  A lot of people have jobs that require them to get a physical each year which is great as it’s not something we (me specifically) usually do until we have to.  As I opened my mail last night to read that it has been two years since my last eye appointment I thought getting a health check up is probably something we should all do without having to be asked (or forced by employers).  We all book our cars in to get check-ups and re-tuned but how often do we leave our bodies until there is actually something wrong with them before we head to the doctor or specialist.  So, I have compiled a list of checks and tests you may have forgotten about and want to schedule:

Physical Exam  Establish a baseline for your physical fitness and health with a yearly exam.  I asked my GP to refer me to a centre that specialises in physical exams, that way he can keep an eye on the results.  I recently found out through an annual blood work up that I have low iron and hay fever / allergies ~ something I have never suffered from before, both of which were easily fixed.  I just thought I was run down and did not realise how much they were affecting me until remedied.  A yearly physical can be a great way to monitor what kind of shape you are in, so you can see where to improve.

Eye assessment  My optometrist OPSM recommend an eye test every two years.  These regular check-ups are important as the earlier they can spot any problems with your vision or eye health the easier it is to manage them.  Plus, your vision could have changed since your last test.  I have started to get regular headaches which could be an indication I need glasses.  If you live in Australia the cost of a standard eye test is bulk billed, so all you need to bring is your medicare card.  My local OPSM has a machine {an Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scanner} that can take a photograph of the inside of your eye and for around $20 they will store a copy for you indefinitely, which can be helpful to reference back to in the future.

Dental exam  If you book a scale and clean the dentist usually does a check-up too, which can include taking x-rays of your mouth to see what is going on.  The dentist will tell you to go every six months but I have to say ~ I had my 6 monthly clean a couple of weeks ago and now my teeth are KILLING me when I eat or drink, I am not sure what the dentist did but perhaps going every six months can do damage?  Anyway ~ it is a lovely feeling running your tongue along the back of your teeth and feeling newly clean ridges. If you are getting headaches it could be because of your teeth, I wear a splint at night because if I don’t I get awful tension headaches.  A clean and check-up can sometimes cost a couple of hundred dollars, so check with your private health fund to see if you are covered or look online as some dentists offer special deals through sites such as Groupon for around $50 or less.

Mole check  OMG I haven’t been to get a mole check yet ~ and I have been putting it off for YEARS!  What makes it worse is that I used to use solariums so I seriously need to go…  There is really no excuse not to go and get checked, especially if you live in a sunny climate as I do.  I ask my GP to check the usual suspects when I go but it would probably be best to see a specialist because of skin type and climate.   There are now Apps that can help {if you’re having trouble like me} where you take a photo of your mole to track it’s movement or change.

The Dreaded  Your GP can recommend at what age you should be getting the dreaded exams {that everyone put’s off} such as pap-smear / prostate exam / breast exam / colon, but they are just recommendations and no two bodies are the same, every day in the news I read about a young person who has discovered they had a disease which doctors told them they could not have as it was an ‘older persons’ disease.  I once saw a doctor who told me that the patient usually has a gut feeling if something is wrong and that no one knows their bodies as well as themselves so they should listen to their instincts.  The best thing to do is to get it over and done with quickly so you don’t have to think about it for a couple of years, take a friend or family member if you’re likely to get stressed out and make it into a light hearted experience you can both do together.

Vaccinations  Have you been vaccinated for Hepatitis?  Me neither, so I am off to get {ugh} a jab ~ I seriously hate needles.  We all {well at least I did} think we have been vaccinated for everything we need during our younger years but some of them need to be up-kept such as getting a tetanus shot, which {I think ~ check with your GP} is every 10 years, I still remember the last time I had my tetanus jab, I had hurt myself badly on a piece of old furniture and the nurse recommended a shot, I declined having heard how painful they were, she argued with me for a little bit and then said okay, at which point I turned my head and BAM she jammed it into my arm!!! How rude! Any way she was right to do it and I was being a baby, the small amount of pain is well worth the protection.  Unless you are heading off to a country with a specific issue like Malaria you wouldn’t need to get the jab but if you do go on holidays and travel you should speak to your GP about more common vaccinations that you are not currently covered by, some viruses can be transmitted as easily as through food preparation!

Spiritual cleansing  This doesn’t necessiceraly mean hitting the confessional or re-connecting to with your faith, your spirit is a part of you just as much as your body, so go get those chakras re aligned or head to a group meditation session at local hall.  Do something to  still your mind and find peace what ever that may be to you.  Just taking time out to acknowledge a part of your self that usually gets ignored can be so beneficial but we usually put it off because we are so busy.

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Love Sarah | M&B x

 {As you can see from the letter below – I wrote this blog post to help myself schedule the appointments I have been putting off lol!}

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  • Note to self – go and have your eyes tested! It’s been about 2 years for mine as well and all the computer work I’m sure doesn’t help. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Sarah B

      No worries Michelle ~ I think I sit too close to the monitor which also doesn’t help!!!