Liquor Station

Drink Tray | mollyandbeans.comI really wanted a little drinks stand or trolly in our lounge room but it’s just not happening!  I tried it out a few different ways, even scoring {from a yard sale} an old 1960s trolly but it ended up looking too messy, so I have opted for a ‘drinks tray’ instead.

Drink Tray |

The liquors are in a cabinet in the lounge room but the glasses and decanter are out on display, that way I can bring the ice bucket to the table and choose a liquor whilst still being in the room with everything kept neat and tidy until needed.

Drink Tray | mollyandbeans.Shop this look: Tray from Ikea $12.99Decanter & Glasses by Royal Doulton from David Jones $299; Drink coasters from Wheel & Barrow $4.95 each.

Drink Tray Liquor Station | mollyandbeans.comDrink Tray Liquor Station |

Now to wait until 5pm Friday ~ cocktail hour ~ time to kick off those shoes & pour a drink!

Drink Tray Liquor Station | mollyandbeans.comDrink Tray Liquor Station | mollyandbeans.comDrink Tray Liquor Station |

  • Lovely to discover your blog and like the idea of a drinks tray.
    And yeah to kicking off your shoes for a drink to start the weekend.

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Carolyn! Yes a great way to start the weekend, I can’t believe another one is upon us already tomorrow!!


  • This looks so stylish, I have always wanted a bar cart in my room as well. But a tray works just as well.
    Love the shoes kicked off too … yay its Friday!

    • Sarah B

      YAY Friday!! xxx

  • Melly Waters

    Sarah I’m going shopping this weekend at Ikea. The more I read on your blog the more things I want to buy and do. 🙂
    You have such nice pictures. What camera do you use?

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Melly!
      I have emailed you back!! xxx