Morning Cleanse

Wake up and smell the lemon |

My mother has taught me lots of great tips and tricks over the years but I really do have to thank her for one thing in particular ~ instilling within me the need to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Waking up and drinking lemon before I eat or drink anything else is probably one of the best things I do for my body, I don’t always eat right or drink responsibly but this morning cleansing ritual that I have maintained since I was a young girl does wonders for me.

Wake up and smell the lemon |

I usually take a half or a quarter of a lemon {depending on how many I have left on the tree} and squeeze the lemon juice into the glass, then add the lemon it’s self.  Pouring boiling water half way up the glass and filling with cold water to create a warm liquid.  If I don’t have any fresh lemon available I will use bottled lemon juice ~ organic with no additives ~ the stuff from the supermarket contains sulphites which can can cause allergies in some people {and may have been what was affecting me from this post}.  If I am using the bottled stuff I give a couple of big squirts {about 20 mils} into the glass and add the water.

I drink it down fast and wait about 20 minutes before I have breakfast or a caffeine fix.  A wonderful way to start the day ~ waking up and smelling lemon! X

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Molly and Beans by the lemon tree! X