I must confess that I have a little ‘thing’ for plates.  I love mixing up which ones we use at lunch and dinner and for dressing the table when we have people over.  I am not about to go out and get sets of beautiful expensive designer ones though because, well, we can’t be trusted.  I want to live in a house where breaking a plate isn’t the end of the world, and where we could even go *greek* 😉 style and start smashing them while dancing in circles if so inclined!  I like to do a ‘drive-by’ of the china shelves in Salvation Army stores when I’m going by one and as it so happened Brett was going to a Bike store the other weekend which was next door to one YAY {I need no encouragement} poor Brett found me waiting back at the car with a huge box and a guilty look on my face!.. I picked up all the cute little finds below for around $20.  It’s nice to know I can use them by mixing and matching and then donate them back to the store once I have had my fun {a good excuse to be more charitable, right?!}.  I do have a nice set of Royal Doulton china in white that I bought from someone who was selling unwanted engagement gifts, for about 1/10th of the price of in store, I love the fact that we can use them for everyday and feel special knowing that no one will have a heart attack if they get chipped or worse.


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Thrifting or Antiquing with my dad involves turning every piece over to see where it is made and who by.  Antique Road Show is one of his favourite shows, so yeah.   I don’t get quite this serious down at the Salvo’s, although it is fun to see where the pieces have come from once I get home.  What I usually do when China Thrifting is gravitate towards any pieces that look cute and then check that they are only a couple of dollars first before buying 😉  I did, however score some plates made in France, some with a pretty gold trim from Bulgaria & a couple of espresso cups from good old Ikea!

CHINA THRIFTING | mollyandbeans.comCHINA THRIFTING | mollyandbeans.comCHINA THRIFTING |