Pulled Beef Sandwich

Pulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comWe recently had a mix-up with our online shopping order.  It left us with 4 beef roasts instead of one, the shop was lovely and told us to keep them all, which seemed good to begin with ~ but I find that roast meat does not freeze well.  In my experience roasts that have come out of the freezer taste a little strange, so unable, or unwilling to freeze the little dears, our good luck started to become a curse!  After a solid week and a half of eating roast beef for dinner {and let me tell you I was trying to mix up the marinading to give us some variety ~ traditional, Indian, Provincial} we became somewhat sick of the thought that roast was for dinner yet again…  But I had one left, so knowing that we were completely done with anything roast dinner related I decided to slow cook it and use it for pulled beef sandwiches to have for lunch {the darn beef had now infiltrated the sunny part of the day ~ sigh ~  it’s defiantly chicken / vegetarian dinner for the foreseeable future}.  In retrospect I should have taken a couple of them over to the neighbours to use, but I am not sure what the etiquette is on gifting raw meat?!

Pulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comI marinaded the meat using a mix of the ingredients below, combined and stored in the fridge overnight.  Slow cooked on 100 degrees for about 4 or 5 hours, in a small dish so the juices come up the side for the roast to sit in, uncovered.  Pull the rested beef apart with two forks and serve on a warmed roll or wrap topped with spinach and tzatziki.  Delicious!

Greek yogurt – a couple of big spoonfuls
Fresh lemon juice – a couple of big squirts
Crushed garlic – a couple of cloves
Saffron – a few pinches
Extra virgin olive oil – about 1/4 of a cup

Pulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comPulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comPulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comPulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comPulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comPulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.comIMG_8567Pulled Beef Sandwiches | mollyandbeans.com



  • This looks so good, I havent tried pulled beef before but Im really dying to try pulled pork in my new smoker. You make it sound easy!
    I always make special fried rice with my left over roast meat. But then with 4 roasts I would be running out of ideas!

    • Sarah B

      I hadn’t done it before either, but it was nice! Ohh I love pulled pork, I am seriously jealous of your new smoker the stuff you have been doing looks so good!!