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The winter solstice {or summer depending on your region} over the weekend had me taking out all my crystals to bask in the sun. It’s time for them to be warmed up by it’s rays.

Solstice |mollyandbeans.comI love crystals.  I have had a fascination with them since I was a child, compounded by a chance interaction.  It so happened that I was walking through the city as a young girl and a stranger broke off a piece of amber from a bigger rock and gave a little bit to me and a friend, an unusual encounter indeed!


Solstice |mollyandbeans.comBut I still have the amber, it’s crystals growing slowly over time.  Under instruction from the stranger we went and purchased little boxes for the amber to be placed into which I still have, the original piece has changed colour and shape.

Solstice |

My two rose quartz represent love, and sit, always touching each other in a north west facing window watching the moon change, sometimes I take them out into the moonlight when it feels right.

Solstice |

The solstice has had me cleansing everything from my crystals in the sun to spring cleaning the house {even windows} and perhaps even my mind!  I know it’s the midway point but it always feels like change to me.  I wonder if our ancestors would have seen this time as a sort of new years eve?  The winter and summer solstice seem like the eternal pessimist and optimist, with midsummer saying “it’s the middle of summer, you have everything to be happy for, it is light and it is bright and you can enjoy the sweet fruit of this season, but this is as good as it will get, and nothing can stop the winter from coming”.  I am currently in the midwinter frame of mind “It is cold and dark and wet, things are trying but this is the worst of it, better times will soon be here”.  X

 Solstice |

  • Beautiful photos 🙂 x

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      Thanks Donna! xx