When I was younger my whole room was pink ~ pink bed, pink wallpaper, pink linens ~ you get the picture!  When I {finally} left home I went for a more white on white look with dark antique furniture, white linens and a splash of green.  I never imagined I would be sleeping in a beige and blue room, ever, but it somehow evolved into a really comfortable and easy space that I love.

We have a lot of neutrals in our house that I had to work with and when we bought the artwork for our bedroom from Richard Smyth Wild Earth Images we started to incorporate blues into the room.  The picture has special meaning to me as it is of the beach that I used to do surf lifesaving at when I was young.  I picked up the linen duvet cover from a sale at Country Road, it was once hard and scratchy to the touch but it has softened wonderfully over the years and now feels like home when wrapping up into it.  I tried different colours for the sheet set and settled on grey as it picks up the different blues from the painting and blends in the grey chair we bought from an auction.  The chair seemed a little lonely in the corner so I put a round rug down to offset the symmetry of the room and added a little marble and brass side table that was a score from Gumtree for $5.

In my opinion, having a decent mattress is probably the most important thing for a bedroom, other than that I believe in keeping the space simple so that it is easy to sleep in.  We keep the room quite sparse, with only the bed, washing baskets and chair / tables. It is also easy to keep clean and keeps the mood calm, there is nothing worse than waking up to a room that looks like rubbish tip.  The bedside tables are not very big on top but hide so much untidiness within ~ all the items like books that need to be kept close to hand get tucked away nicely.  We waited ages to find bedside lamps that would fit on the small surface space of the tables but still add height to even out the proportions of the room, they are actually desk lamps that I found in Office Works!  They keep the room from becoming too girly adding a masculine touch with a much needed pop of colour!  I like that we can use the base of the lamps as more table space for phones, drinks and my grandmothers crystal clock gets to stay close by too.


BEDROOM BASICS | mollyandbeans.comBEDROOM BASICS | mollyandbeans.comBEDROOM BASICS |



BEDROOM BASICS | mollyandbeans.comBEDROOM BASICS | mollyandbeans.comBEDROOM BASICS | mollyandbeans.comBEDROOM BASICS |





  • GlamistaHome

    I don’t know how I missed this post, but I’m loving your bedroom! Love the color palette you have chosen. It seems modern yes cozy and welcoming. I really like the round marble top table by the chair and your side tables are awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Your pup seems to enjoy the bedroom as well. 🙂


    What a beautiful bedroom, and a cute dog! 🙂

  • Love that crystal alarm clock! I’ve thought of reintroducing an oldschool alarm clock in my bedroom instead of using my phone. I get tempted to check emails and so on all the time when it’s right there next to the bed.

  • Maggiecallife

    This type of bedroom is exactly what I like. I love white everything and some rusty furniture and green plants. Can’t wait to decorate my new apartment 🙂

    • Sarah B

      Hi Maggie, me too & happy decorating!! xxx