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I drink quite a lot of green tea while working, I enjoy sipping away numerous cups so often keep a cast iron tea pot with loose leaf tea on my desk, the problem is that it always goes cold sitting there waiting for me to have a moment to drink it, so I usually just end up having it cold or making a new pot with the used leaves.

This past weekend we have been hibernating whilst nursing a cold watching Netflix at home with the wild weather outside, I made a pot of tea with milk and sugar and knowing that it would go cold before it was finished as I don’t have a tea cosy I decided to put it on top of an upside down hurricane lantern with a tea light underneath to keep it warm, in the style of a makeshift oil burner!  It worked really well and kept the pot {and cup} warm for ages.

I used it today for my green tea right side up with the cast iron pot as it has a base to lean on top.  I would recommend that you put it on to the warmer when it is still hot as it wouldn’t re-heat stone cold tea ~ it just keeps its temperature.

A cute way to keep your drinks warm!

WAY TO WARM | mollyandbeans.com.auWAY TO WARM | mollyandbeans.com.auIMG_9633WAY TO WARM | mollyandbeans.com.auWAY TO WARM | mollyandbeans.com.au

  • Tchzieko Renczkie

    What a great idea. My tea is always going cold in Russia!

    • Sarah B

      Thanks! xxx

  • I have the same issue. Brilliant idea!

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Rigel! ~ Also a big thank you for the heads up on the broken comment issue the other day!! xx

  • That is such a great idea, there’s nothing worse than a cuppa that’s gone cold!

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Michelle! XX

  • Awww so cute xxx

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    • Sarah B

      Thanks Remi! I will check you out now! XX