It’s in the air

sssssAlthough it was stormy over the weekend, Monday morning started with a brightly shining sun bursting through the windows and lighting up the whole house with a glow, outside coloured flowers sway on the sweetly scented breeze and an array of birds are chirping away, things are starting to get busy out there.

Spring has sprung it seems, strolling through the garden path I can see blueberries are beginning to bulge on the bush and lemon blossoms are attracting the bees, just as well too as the last few lemons from the season before are only just hanging to the tree, I have taken to using them only as they fall, hoping the rest will cling on until the new ones form.

The veggie patch is alive and producing in full swing ~ wildflowers paint the sides of the streets, dragon flies patrol the grass flying up and down with the precision timing of jet fighters.  Although there are most likely a few more rainy days ahead it is nice to see the world coming alive again.

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Love Sarah | M&B x

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  • GlamistaHome

    Thank you for sharing these pretty pictures. It’s lovely to see so much beautiful nature right outside of your window. Enjoy!

    • Sarah B

      Thanks! xxx

  • Yay spring has finally sprung! Thats the best part of Spring isnt it, the garden comes to life again 🙂

    • Sarah B

      Yay – it’s so pretty out there! xxx