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I was really happy this morning when I opened an email from Paulo Coelho’s blog with a link to an interview he did with Oprah.  It was lovely sipping my morning cuppa watching Part One of the video (there is a link to the video here from Paulo Coelho’s Blog).  Oprah mentions in the interview that she was first told about his book {and modern day bible} ‘The Alchemist’ by Madonna back in the 90’s.  I was also put on to the book back in the late 90’s by a family friend who lent us their copy (which then got lent on and on and on again!).  Like most people who read the book borrowed I went straight out and bought my own copy after finishing the last page, that copy is long gone now – also lent out to friends – along with about 5 more copies after that!  In the interview Oprah and Paulo talk about how there was a ‘word of mouth’ sensation that happened with the book and questioned if it helped in it’s success?  I think it could perhaps be connected to why the book has been coined ‘the modern day bible’ – we all agree with the sentiment of the book and want friends and family who we think will feel the same to read it – so it gets passed on, changing lives in it’s wake.

I always kept up with Paulo’s work and still keep a copy of The Alchemist in the reading nook – along with his other titles.  I flick through it from time to time but I wouldn’t need to read The Alchemist again because I read it so many times when I was younger that the words have now become a part of my psyche.  As far as his other works go, I haven’t managed to get through all of the other books yet, but when I do read them they speak to me in their own little way, sometimes if a book gets too difficult to read I go back to it a few years later and it suddenly relates to me on a different level – as if I wasn’t ready to read it the first time, and seeing it with new eyes (that have had new life experiences) has transformed it.

I remember being ‘not so convinced’ by the person who was trying to ‘convince’ me to read The Alchemist way back when – they were saying “it’s just a really simple book – about a boy and his journey to the pyramids – you will like it” my teenage self crinkled my nose up at the sound of it (as teenagers do) but as soon as I turned the first page I was hooked and then time stood still until I had finished it.  The person was right, it was a simple little book about a boy and his journey to the pyramids, and I did like it – it spoke to me, as it probably did for everyone else because of it’s simplicity.  It was the writing style of Coelho which pulled you straight into the main characters journey as if ‘I’ the reader were the boy taking the journey – was it just me who could smell the scent of the marketplace and feel the sting of the sand blowing upon my skin in the desert?  I believe the book has become so loved by so many people because it said what we were already thinking – and then some!  They were words to hold our hand and lead us down a path that we were already walking.

In the interview, a loud bang of thunder sounds in the background just as Oprah speaks about ‘your heart knowing the way’ Paulo and Oprah both sing out that it was a sign from above!  It’s a beautiful part of the interview, a clap of thunder may not be a ‘sign’ to some people but they knew instantly, together, that the universe was speaking to them, and just as Oprah was saying such meaningful words, the timing of the thunder was perfect.  Oprah manages to ask Paulo all of the questions that we readers have always wanted to know and their time together seems very genuine, they speak about The Alchemist, ‘signs’ and following our personal legend.  Paulo goes on to say that you can’t teach people about the signs of the universe, the only way is to learn ourselves and we just have to make lots of mistakes and learn along the way – “you have to be listening for them” Oprah chimes in to say.  Perhaps ‘signs’ can’t be taught but in my opinion you know it is a ‘sign’ if it was a moment that was instantly meaningful to you – as the thunder moment was to them.

Just a quick side note about ‘the universe leading us’:  I wonder sometimes if I should continue to keep up writing this blog (with all of it’s 3 or so readers hehee), but then as soon as I have the thought of giving up I feel like I am being encouraged to keep on going through my own little ‘signs’.  Perhaps it’s when we are unsure about something that meaning can be taken from the slightest things, but I feel I am going in the right direction when this happens:  Whilst I write (when also listening to music) every now and then as I type a word, the singer of the song I am listening to will say the exact word I am typing.. crazy – maybe – but it happens a lot and I instantly think “that was the universe and I must be on the right track”!  It feels meaningful to me, and so in my opinion it’s a sign.

Back to the interview – I can’t wait to see part two, I have always wanted to see Oprah interview Paulo so it was wonderful to see his blog’s email in my inbox this morning.  And I also happened to spend the rest of the morning looking around – there are some really great videos and articles there – I hope you don’t loose your morning on the site like I did – but if you do: ENJOY!

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Love Sarah | M&B x

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What remains of my collection of Paulo Coelho’s books… The rest have been borrowed out –  off on their own journey now lol!   Have you read any / all of his books too?  I would love to hear, comment below!.. xx


Paulo Cohelo interview with Oprah Part 1 |



  • Rigel

    brilliant post. I’m all about signs/ listening to the universe. One of the most simple signs I follow is if you follow what’s in your heart, and it feels good and brings you joy then keep going. I look forward to watching the interview! ps – keep up the blogging, you compose lovely posts, and I always enjoy visiting 🙂

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Rigel. I agree just to listen to your heart is the most important. Thank you so much for the lovely comment & encouragement. xxxxxx

  • Oh please keep writing! I feel the same way sometimes, but it happens less often the longer that I keep it up. I will have to check out the interview and more on Paulo Coelho – He seems like a wonderful author!

    • Sarah B

      Oh yes he is a great author. Do read his book the Alchemist – it is a lovely little story. Thanks for the encouragement – I am glad someone else feels the same way sometimes. xxxxx