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I love keeping flowers around the house, it makes the space feel so vibrant and I have to admit that it feels a bit ‘special’ to have such an elegance added to everyday living.  It’s always wonderful to receive a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers as a gift – don’t you think it’s one of life’s joy’s to give and receive flowers?  In-between those special occasions I make do with picking posies from the garden or buying them at the supermarket.

I love how fresh flowers can make any space feel polished – they have to be fresh mind you, nothing is worse than walking into a room and seeing ageing blooms – and it’s not just a visual attack – rotting stems in dirty water can really stink a place out!! – I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to discard the flowers on my desk at the end of the week only to come back to the office on Monday morning to an unwelcome stench {and a mess of petals}.  The supermarket variety usually last for a week or so and even longer if you do some prep work before you plonk them into the vase and forget about them!

Supermarket variety flowers have certainly grown in their selection over the years – from the half dead monstrosities that were haphazardly thrown into plastic buckets and tucked away in the corner to huge stands inside and outside the supermarket that are filled to the brim with an amazing array of fresh buds.  I usually purchase a single variety as I prefer the visual impact a bunch of the same flower has over the mixed bud ‘arranged’ look.  If I were to go for an arrangement I would choose a couple of different flowers in the same colour and cut my own foliage from the garden to create my own look.  When it is not possible and all you have is a supermarket arrangement I feel that they need a little uplifting to keep them from looking stale and dated.

Here are my tips to refreshing pre-arranged supermarket flowers:

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit mollyandbeans.comCUT  Use clean, sharp garden shearers or scissors to cut the stems on an angle.  This is done to keep the end of the stem from laying flat on the bottom of the vase which would restrict it’s water supply.  Usually all of the stems will be cut at the same length, so place the arrangement into the vase and see how much needs chopping for them to sit correctly (usually a couple of inches).  Use the discarded piece from the first stem as a measuring guide for the rest to keep them at equal lengths.

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit mollyandbeans.comEdit  If you edit the bunch down to one or two colours including the greenery it will make the arrangement look fresh and modern, sometimes only one or two stems need to be taken out to get a more streamlined visual appearance.  If your bunch is not big enough colour block them into small posies. For instance in the arrangement above I would edit the yellow and pink flowers into two small posies and keep the white and green as a bigger arrangement for a sleeker look (getting three different arrangements from the one bunch).  But I actually didn’t mind the pink, white and green so I removed only the yellow lilies and left the rest as is.

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit mollyandbeans.comDISCARD  Remove any broken or yellowing foliage from the top of the stem, and remove all of the leaves from the bottom of the stem (you don’t want any sitting in water or they will rot).  I usually like to remove all of the extra leaves from the stem for a cleaner look and just keep the blooms at the top but as we had foliage that was quite dense (the dark stuff) I decided to leave a few more on.  Unfortunately sometimes supermarket flowers have damaged or strangely formed buds and it feels like a waste to throw them out but looks so much better when discarded (I had to get rid of one of the white blooms as it was turning brown).

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit mollyandbeans.comFEED  Even though supermarket blooms have come along way from the unrecoverable half dead ones that we were used to, they can sometimes still be a little droopy.  It helps if you don’t wait to long to put them in water.  Feed them with any powder or liquid fertiliser that comes with them.  If you don’t have a little sachet of food attached on the side add a few drops of lemon juice and bleach to keep the water clean and a spoonful of sugar to feed the blooms and help them last longer.

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit

STYLE   When you place the cut and edited stems back into the vase with water they will need a little ‘primping’.  I like to use the natural flow of the flowers and build it up on one side, starting with the tallest stem and then arranging in size from one side to the other finishing with the blooms and foliage that naturally hang down low.  Don’t forget to cut and water any single stems you discarded at the editing stage.  I think a single stem looks perfect on a bedside table or next the the soap at the kitchen sink.

Molly & Beans Supermarket Before & After1DONE  Taa-daa – we’re done!  A few simple steps and we have re-awakened these blooms giving them a modern look.  I think this slight update helps it work in with the ascetics of our home in a nicer way – what do you think?

Supermarket Flower Refresh | A Happy Life Blog | Visit

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Love Sarah | M&B x

  • GlamistaHome

    Great tips, thank you for sharing. I read that the feed is mostly to eliminate any bacteria that is created when you have leaves in the water. I have been avoiding adding feed, because my cat loves drinking water from any place, but his water bowl at times. 🙂
    The bunches look pretty and I like that you took out the yellow colored lilies and put them in a separate vase, voila two bunches for one.
    I love fresh flowers, I like how they change the decor of a room and make the space feel alive and more taken care of. Thank you for sharing!
    Dagmara @GlamistaHome

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Dagmara!

      Oh thats interesting to know about the water. Gosh your cat is funny / naughty, I am lucky our cat does not do that! Thanks for stopping by. Love Sarah | M&B