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Hello, & Happy Friday to you!

Last week on Blog Questions, I said I was going to delve into photography a little more.  I would love to take my photography to the next level, it always seems that holiday snaps or ones where I am not over thinking turn out great but ‘staged’ photos of mine are always a little… blah…   So, as always, if there are any shutterbugs out there who can lend a few tips I would be over the moon & forever grateful if you did!  For now, here is what I have learnt so far:

STORY TELLING:  Something I am currently working on is ‘story telling’ within a photograph, and also within a thread of photographs on a blog page.  I used to do it when I first started blogging, and for some reason it has dropped off.  My opinion is that it’s probably the most important part of a picture.  Like the saying goes: A picture tells the story of a thousand words.  I haven’t mastered this yet, so I can’t give any advice, but I would say that the planning stage would be the most important aspect, as you have to know what story you are telling to be able to boil it down to the best photographs or staging to be able to tell it.

A blog that has picture perfect story telling is Cupcakes & Cashmere.

EDITING:  Some of my best photographs have been so pretty by themselves that they haven’t needed any editing, they were just a perfect moment in time captured quickly – usually without even thinking about it.  I am just learning that if you play around with lighting, and set up the photo beforehand using the right settings on the camera, that ‘perfection’ can be recreated for staged photographs.  But for me its still just trial and error, I like to learn by doing, you know, learn from my mistakes lol.  For instance, last weeks ‘blog questions’ photos were WAY over edited.  I should have spent more time staging and getting the conditions perfect, instead I spent the time editing them afterward.  But – I was having fun, and that’s kind of all that matters right?

I like to use Photoshop Light Room, Picmonkey & just plain old iPhoto editing.  Sometimes you just can’t go past Instagram for a simple filter & edit.  Here is a great post by Glamista Home, on Instagram Photo Apps that will give you better photos.

LIGHTING:  It wasn’t until this post, where the carrots caught the light as they tumbled into the steamy pot, that I though, holly cow…!  If you can believe it, I was in actual love with a photograph of carrots.  I think until it happens to you, you don’t realise the power of lighting.  It was another accidentally on purpose shot teaching me.  I took it in the shade (semi darkness) and facing the light, so it really is like “Tyra” says – find the light!  Currently I am trying to find the best kind of lighting for the bright style of photos that I enjoy taking.

If you want to see a blog that nails the moody lighting you have to check out Rose & Fig.  Or for a wonderful soft glowing light Milk Bubble Tea.  If you want to know more about lighting Guess The Lighting is insightful, humorous & full of useful info!

STAGING:  I like to look through my favourite Instagram feeds for inspiration on staging, like Queen of Jetlags.  There is a certain amount of craft that comes with staging photos, you just have to feel how the placement should be, and do it quickly without over thinking it.  I personally like it if items run off the sides of the photograph so that everything doesn’t look squeezed in, as if the viewer is just getting a little glimpse into the world presented.

I find adding something ‘ironic’ or ‘cute’ or a little bit out of place, almost ‘personal’ and unexpected to the photograph takes it to a new level, and gives it a focal point.  Like the picture below, (which just so happens to make me want to splatter a tray with paint) but the little personal post-it note adds an extra layer to the photo, that even though it is a picture of beautiful coffee table items by itself, the note just adds a ‘finished off’ feeling.

Come back next Friday for my new blog question:  Writing – Is Less More?

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Love Sarah | M&B x

Blog Questions - Photography

Disclaimer: above photograph taken from Pinterest.

  • Rigel Barry

    You take such lovely photos. You obviously have a really talent for it! keep going as see where it can take you :)i think the carrots look great too going into that pot. ps- love the new header