Sweet Monday

Hello there & welcome to Monday!

At the end of a relaxing (or maybe not so relaxing) weekend, there is always that little pang of fear at the thought of the impending Monday morning that lies in wait, or at least that’s true for me.  After our Valentines day dinner on Saturday night (which was a success by the way), we had a busy Sunday getting stuck into finishing off a little rockery we are creating in the front garden, then devoured leftovers whilst watching TV – basically we had the night to do nothing, which is nice but somehow the stillness leaves the Sunday evening blues to inevitably sneak in, the strange thing is that even if I don’t have a stressful day planned for the next day I still get them – I’m sure I am not the only one this happens to!?  For those of you who feel the same way too, I have listed my Monday ritual to help combat:

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog1.  Sweet sounds – I get them pumping and the earlier the better.  Music taste is such a personal thing, but I like to put on something old school like an R&B mix (today wasn’t so old school – Ciara) – or something sweet and fun that you automatically start singing along to without thinking.  Cheesy I know, but it always gets me in a good mood.

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog2. I mentioned here that we have a subscription of flowers being delivered to our office on a Monday morning.  So at the moment I’m kinda excited to get in and see which beautiful scented posy awaits.  Once it ends I think I will continue to bring in a little posy of my own cut fresh from the garden.

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog3. A special drink to start the week.  So – don’t lie, I know you end the week with a *special* drink (Friday arvo vino anyone) I do too, which is why I also start the week with something special, not my usual morning coffee but a shop bought one – and a tincy bit expensive at $4.90 which is why it’s only once a week.  But it gives me something to look forward to and as I am slightly addicted to them it has me singing: YAY MONDAY!

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog4. First thing on Monday morning I light a scented candle that has an uplifting aroma (today’s is Jacaranda and plum).  If you work in an open plan space and can’t do so, light it when you wake up and keep it burning next to you while you are getting ready for the day (which is what I used to do) – but don’t forget to blow it out before you leave the house!! – actually put your phone next to it as a reminder (nobody leaves home without their phones) – trust me on this – I once got all the way to the city and had to go home as I was certain I had forgotten to blow it out that morning.

Sweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blogSweet Monday - beating the blues | Molly & Beans | Lifestyle blog5. Afternoon candy.  Okay so this is also a sugar bribe, but it WORKS… I have a stash of sweet treats that I break out on Monday afternoon (or sometimes morning).  It’s just for the start of the week before the brain has adjusted.  Once the week gets into full swing I don’t usually have time to think of tea breaks. I like to serve it on a pretty plate to make things a bit special.