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As it was Palm Sunday over the weekend we thought it would be a nice time to start visiting churches for a bit of wedding reconnaissance – it was the perfect day for it as the bells were ringing away in the steeples all afternoon.  Amazingly, we decided on one quite quickly that we both love – you might have seen it on my Instagram, I wasn’t expecting such a unanimous decision so easily!  With the most important aspect of our upcoming wedding decided I have taken to Pinterest to start working out the rest.  Actually – I suppose choosing an actual day would be the most important detail, but we’ll have to speak to the church to see what dates they have free first.  I’ve already fallen in love with a photographer & makeup artist who I found from this same (perfect) wedding on Style Me Pretty.  I’ve also been crazily pinning my favourite wedding details and have put together my TOP 10 DIY Ideas from Pinterest:

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1. Spray painted baby’s breath: I love this idea of spray painting such a delicate and relatively cheap flower to add sparkle and a richness to the centrepieces / beverage tables- or even as an addition to the bouquet!

2. Natural Confetti in vintage boxes: I have two vintage apple crates that I would like to incorporate into our wedding, I’ve always wanted to do a natural confetti – such as dried lavender, wrapped in cones made from a copy of our favourite bible verse.

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1. DIY Photo Booth:  A digital camera set on a 10 second timer would be a great way to incorporate a Photo Booth, made even better by adding a wireless printer on the side, so that guests can take home a photo momento and we can have the originals to print out at a later date.

2. A Shoe Valet: At a recent family wedding it wasn’t long before all the girls on the dance floor had their shoes off – so when I saw this DIY shoe valet I fell in love.  Such a sweet idea!

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1. M-O-T-G Gift:  For the mother of the bride, a wedding day is always a cherished and exciting day, but in my experience the mother of the groom often feels a little left out.  This cute thank you gift would be the perfect way to add to her experience in a thoughtful way & let her know that she is an important part of the day.

2. Garter Belt Shots:  Okay, so not exactly lady-like, but the groomsmen walk around with hip-flasks in their jacket pockets – so this is only fair for the bridesmaids!!  It would be a great way to incorporate female friends who weren’t able to be in the wedding party into the fun of the day – an awesome private joke – knowing all of your girlfriends were all walking around with secret garter belt tipples!

PicMonkey Collage41AMBITIOUS
1. Wooden Tiered Stand:  This one is defiantly for the more ambitious diy’er out there! – But I want to incorporate items into my wedding that I can use for years afterward, making something like this stand for cupcakes or canapés, that will be a momento of the day is a worthwhile endeavour in my books.

2. Scatter rugs for sitting:  Typically non family members tend to hang toward the back of the crowd at weddings, for out door ceremonies I think it would be much nicer to have scatter rugs in the foreground for the younger of the group to sit on and chairs positioned behind them so non-family members have a chance to mix in with the group more.  I have bought second hand rugs on gumtree dirt cheap a few times, which you could then re-sell or keep around the house, to remember the day.

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1.  Sparklers & Take-Home Matches:  I love the idea of sparklers for the bride & groom send-off, however, in my experience they take forever to light in bulk, with everyone crowded around a single lighter – the first one to go off has finished by the time the last person’s has started.  With individual personalised matchboxes everyone can strike their own match when the time comes – and have a little gift to take home!

2.  Single Rose as Ring Holder:  Poor Brett had a little snafu with the rings at his brothers wedding recently which ended in the priest tearing the ring pillow to pieces, much to the amusement of the wedding crowd – they had been tied to the ring pillow too tightly!  The idea of having the ring bearer walk down the isle with the rings around the stem of a single rose is super cute, they could be secured with some butchers string – once the rose has been de-thorned of course!


  • Rita Christine

    Hi, Sarah! I love this post on DIY weddings. Just finished a blogpost on wedding dessert trends. Just wondering if I could reblog this post on my wordpress site. (I would give you full credit and link back to your site, of course. Thanks!

    • Hi Rita Christine – I would be more than happy for you to reblog the post! I look forward to seeing it! – I’m off to have a look at the dessert trends post now xxxx

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    These are all such great ideas! I love this kind of vintage theme I’m going for something similar 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle! I can’t wait to see what you’ve organised for yours! xx

  • Moira Redmond

    Beautiful post… x