Bargain Hunter

IMG_8990So, I am currently in love with an inanimate object. Don’t go there!! – It’s the slightly ‘ombre’ aqua and bright blue chairs above. As you may know, I have been on the hunt for some chairs for our office meeting table. I couldn’t bring myself to shell out full price for the chairs I wanted, side note, can anybody tell me why a simple chair is SOOOO expensive? The price astounds me. So I came across the chairs above for FREE, yes free… And, well, their picture didn’t do them justice, when I went to pick them up I was a bit nervous that they could be totally yuck. And then I saw them in the light of day and my heart skipped a beat. My all time favourite blue and green type colour, retro, gold detailing on the back… um.. heaven. I haven’t been this in love with something since I got my first Doc’ Martins in grade seven and didn’t take them off for a week – I literally slept in them the first night (okay, I think they got somewhat uncomfortable around 3am and I woke up and unlaced them), but I had to use all my willpower last night to not pitch a blanket tent over the chairs and sleep in the foyer. All my willpower. I had to settle for making up excuses to do ‘drive-by’s’ of the front door so my eyes could bask in their loveliness.

Now they just need some cleaning and slight repair before we bring them to the office.

Anyone else think they might look exceptionally handsome on top of a Beni Ourain Rug like the one below photographed inΒ Design Love Fest. Β I found similar in Australia from Lustere Living.

Now to find a table, I’m thinking round?? What do you say?



IMG_9004FFFIMG_9001My vintage blue green ombre chair find | Australian Lifestyle Blog | Molly & BeansPhoto_1-02-2015_11_50_48_am

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