Introducing Molly 11 Facts

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I haven’t formally introduced the two little fur-balls this blog is named after so here is:

11 Facts about Molly  

1. She is coming up to her 10th birthday this June.
2. She is a Shitzu x poodle.
3. I called her Molly after my great grandmother but she started life as a ‘Missy’, named by her previous owners who didn’t want her – and before you get all sad thinking who could feel that way about their newest family member – I am so grateful that they did as she has been the bestest friend to me for the last decade!
4. She is the cutest little thing in the world (no bias).
5. She has a human-like smile – which is a little creepy but also adorable at the same time.
6. She totally understands English.
7. She would choose sweets over meats any day & has an obsession with chocolate (I know, I know – deadly to doggies!) – but if I can explain – I recently found her sitting in the guest toilet… Randomly… I kept asking her what she was doing and telling her to come out until I realised – there is a ‘hersheys’ chocolate candle in there…. I think she would have found a way to climb the cistern and eat it if she could!  She mines empty wrappers for any crumb of chocolate she can get her paws on.
8. She gets depressed if I don’t give her the last sip of my tea & can tell when I’m halfway through the cup – when she starts ramping up her puppy-dog eyes, often pawing me to remind me to leave some for her (I sometimes forget).
9. She has a ‘boyfriend’ – a toy dog named Benji (Benji was my teddy when I was younger).  Benji, sadly, lost his head about a year ago, but the bottom half of him goes nearly everywhere with her.
10. Molly, Benji & Beans get tucked into a heated bed with a feather duvet at night (totally spoiled I know) – see my dog house revamp here.
11. She started to act like an old dog until we get Beans 4 years ago, now she has a new lease on life and acts like a puppy.

I’ll introduce Beans next!

Love ya x

  • GlamistaHome

    Lovely, nice meeting you Molly! I love reading about other people’s pets and their little quirks and personalities. Thank you for sharing. 🙂