Blue Water Grill

The best part about wedding planning, for me, has been choosing a venue.  We have narrowed it down to two options, not including our house which is still a contender.  I would really love to have an intimate home wedding, like a dressed up bbq, but due to the timing (being winter) the price of hiring equipment and all the rest of the stuff needed for an outdoor home wedding is reaching the same price (or more) than a wedding at a venue.  So we’ve put our plans for a home shin-dig on pause whilst we hit the streets looking to see if there is a suitable place to host our nuptials elsewhere.  After our meeting with each establishment we thought it might be nice if we linger for lunch or dinner, which is great as they tend to bring out the best and fill the glasses to the brim!

The last place we visited was The Blue Water Grill in Heathcote Reserve, Applecross WA.  To say the views are breathtaking would be an understatement, a massive white gumtree sits centre stage with the backdrop of the sparkling river and Perth in the distance.  I have walked past the spot a few times over the years but never stopped to eat there.  I hadn’t actually read any reviews on the BWG, so didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with what we were served.  Brett ordered the chilli-hotdog & I ordered the burger.  Both came with chips and aioli.  The burger was bursting with flavour, it had a chunky tomato relish with some sort of curry thing going on, two hands were needed to navigate the juicy layers of salad including beetroot, tomato & lettuce, which was under a delicious beef patty topped with crispy bacon & melted cheese!  I had to cut it in to two and give half to Brett as it was quite filling (one has to remember that there will be a wedding dress to fit into in the near future!).  But Brett was even struggling with the size of the chilli-dog (which is unusual for him teehee), he didn’t eat many chips as he had enough to contend with, but did mention that his pick was better than mine.  I also tried both and disagree.  The chilli-dog was nice but a little too fiery hot for me!

The service was attentive and friendly, the tap water palatable and cold – (I have a ‘thing’ about bad tap water).  The view, as mentioned was amazing, however, being winter the wind was quite chilly perched at the edge of the cliff – but rather pleasant in the sun, rugged up with scarves and jackets.  It was a lovely lunch and I will definitely visit again.  If it’s for the wedding? That will be decided some time this week 😉

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  • Wow! The photography is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing… The background gives me a whole new insight on Craftsman Style Homes… ^_^