Makeup by Jacqui Bradfield

IMG_1127As you may know Brett and I have been planning our wedding for this July.  My online quest for suppliers had me head straight to Style Me Pretty, I fell in love with this beautiful wedding, luckily for us when I contacted both the makeup artist and photographer and they were available for our date YAY!

So I popped in to makeup artist Jacqui Bradfield’s studio for a trial session.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked the appointment with Jacqui, for some reason I had the image of a bubbly blonde lady in her mid 40’s in my head, I was right on one point, and that is that she is so sweet and bubbly, but I was greeted with a warm smile by a young petite brunette and shown up to her bright and airy (& totally super cool) studio on the strip in Northbridge, she sat me on a stool in the natural light underneath two gorgeous windows overlooking the rooftop of Lucky Chan’s.

I must commend her on her abilities, she did an amazing job on my face – it didn’t help that I was slightly hungover that day (or perhaps not so slightly).  Nevertheless Jacqui did a top job considering how bleary eyed I was.  I love the natural look of her coverage, she knew instantly how to highlight the best features of my face, gave me heaps of tips and tricks for what to do makeup wise on the day (when I will have to do touchups myself).  I left feeling rather beautiful, although I don’t often wear makeup so it took quite a while to get used to having fake lashes on, but they looked stunning so I will defiantly have them on the day!

Apart from being super chic and beautiful Jacqui is also extremely professional, I trusted her advice from the get go – and it was a pleasure to sit with her for an hour or two chatting away about wedding plans (a recent bride herself she had lots of advice for me), the time really did fly by – at the end of our meet it was as if I was chatting to a long lost bestie!  I can’t wait for her to do the makeup for me & my bridal party on the fast approaching day!

IMG_1125IMG_1124IMG_1116All photographs above courtesy of Susan Young

At the time of writing this blog post, Jacqui was moving studio – I hear it will be just as light and bright as the one above, but easier for clients to get to, and closer to home being out the back of her residence.  She plans to fill it with heaps of greenery, and I can just tell it will have zen vibes! (I hear it was previously used as a yoga studio).

If you are in need of a makeup artist in Perth I highly recommend Jacqui Bradfield.

Ps- apologies for not doing a better shot of my make up – as I said before I was a little under the weather & random selfies were all I could muster!  Teehee xx

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