IMG_2178Sitting on a crisp, white linen clad bed, drinking English Breakfast tea, snacking on macaroons and eagerly but regretably packing my suitcase, I *start to* write this blog post, my first post for a long time and the first since we left for our honeymoon.  It also just so happens to be my last day away.  This final leg of the trip ends where it began, in the romantic city of sparkle.  After a brief layover in Amsterdam our honeymoon began here, 7 weeks ago.  Back then I couldn’t imagine how the trip would turn out, I didn’t expect to encounter all of the wonderful people we were about to meet and see all of the amazing things we would end up seeing.

A sweet theme ran throughout our holiday, it started with a walk though the streets on the day we landed – a dandelion was floating through the air, I chased it down the road and caught it in my grasp just before a huge gust of hot wind came sweeping down the street.  I let it go into the breeze and made a wish as I always do, but this time not for anything in particular, just for everyone to be happy & for us to have a great honeymoon.  At the moment I let the wish go two more (which were stuck together) came hurtling down the street travelling with the burning breeze.  The city was in the grip of a heatwave.  The unpredictable weather is the talk of the town!  Air conditioners were dying left, right and centre and finding a shop that sold cold water became impossible.  Wishes were being blown around everywhere.  Summer in Paris.

And I do mean everywhere, all through Europe, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, England, Scotland and of course back to France, the little dandelions were floating by me.  I tried to catch as many as I could and let them go and pray for someone else because I couldn’t wish for anything more of myself.  I was on / am on / have just finished the most amazing trip and am very grateful.

From the hot streets of Milan, to the heavenly scented gardens of Florence, to the icy tips of the Swiss mountains and valleys with their deep green lakes, to the cliffs of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, (a wish even landed next to me when I was swimming in the ocean there) all through London and around the stunning purple heather covered landscape of Scotland, Dandelions floated by, capturing my attention like a full moon, subtlety reminding me of that feeling from the first day. Un été à Paris.

I am not sure when or indeed if I will ever be back to the wonderful places we visited along the way, so I took a HEAP of photographs (that was always going to be the case – I must face it! – I’m talking about my photographing addiction).  So if you like, please check back here in a little while and have a wander through my holiday stories that are sure to come.

For now, I will enjoy the last few remaining hours here.  Sitting in a dark saloon in the heart of Paris with red velvet clad walls, red velvet chairs and black marble pillars, our bags are now packed and sitting with concierge.  We are trying to while away a few hours before we head to the airport, indoors away from the drizzling streets, our shoes soaked and the one jacket we luckily took along for the journey has done as much as it could.  You see, It has been raining non stop since we arrived back to this city of sparkle, but that’s summer in Paris, I’m told.

Love Sarah xx

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