Wedding Dress Shopping Faux Pas

Even though I knew I was never going to wear a traditional wedding dress I didn’t want my mum and Brett’s mum to miss out on the experience of going and looking for one with me, so I rounded up my sister, sister in law and a friend and we made an afternoon of it.  Starting with a fabulous lunch at my sisters house (courtesy of her award winning tapas board making skills!) we then headed to the Bridal shops around Oxford Street – with a boot full of ‘roadies’ (mini bottles of bubbles) – and chauffeur driven (by Brett) – teehee!

I left with an open mind, half expecting to find ‘the one’, but wedding dress shopping turned out exactly how I thought it would, which wasn’t great but then again it wasn’t as bad as the time I was shopping for a dress to wear to my Brothers wedding with my mum and ended up having to be cut out of a couture gown because we (it was a joint effort between my mum and I) had broken the zip… 100% embarrassing.  And it just so happened to be the grand opening of that particular store so the place was packed with yummy mummies holding glasses of champagne and raising their eyebrows at us!

Back to the present day embarrassment.

Standing on the little podium thingy barely able to breath because I had been strapped into an overly puffy dress for the last 15 minutes, I felt out of place.  In my humble opinion, most of the dresses were quite old fashioned (I’m talking 1990s – 2000’s) and either strapless or hugely puffy at the bottom both of which I didn’t want.  With hardly any of the elegant modern dresses I had been ogling (such as Grace Loves Lace) on Pinterest in sight and the ones that were in stock were an extra small size, I only managed to try on a few more pouffy monstrosities for the entertainment of the ladies then ended up sitting in the audience whilst the others took turns hopping onto the box.  My sister and mum tried on a few lovely dresses and I felt a whole lot better back in my jeans and tee.  My sister did find a stunning blue bridesmaid dress with a beaded neck detail which I loved (pictured below), and I ended up finding the perfect dress for myself in the Myer city store a few weeks later.

As someone who has always longed for a casual laid-back wedding, a quote from one of the dress shop owners really made me laugh, when I told her I wasn’t too keen on one of the dresses because I couldn’t walk in it she replied by saying that I wasn’t meant to walk on my wedding day…  Which might be the dream for some girls but I’m certainly not one of them!?

We ended the day by the beach with a beautiful sunset drive home along the coast.  When I dropped my sister in law back she showed me the bridal shower invites that she had just finished making, they looked amazing (pictured below).  I’ll share more from the bridal shower soon! – xx

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