1907 Perth Restaurant Review

I had dinner at this lovely restaurant, 1907, on Saturday night with a friend.  It’s not really the best choice of venue for a friend catch up – it was exclusively filled with couples staring lovingly into each others eyes, I would recommend it more for a date night.  But I had wanted to try the food for a while and knew the restaurant was in the Entertainment book so thought it would be a good choice for a friends birthday.  When we went to pay I was informed they were not in the Entertainment book at the moment but would be re-joining it in a couple of months.  Which is strange as I remember adding it to my favourites in the app.  Never the less, it was a fabulous meal and I can finally tick it off the list.

Menu Petit – 7 courses.  I give an overall rating of 3 / 5

7 Courses with 5 matching wines & Petit Four with tea or coffee.

FOOD:  4 / 5  The food was amazing.  We opted for the Petit Menu, they also have a Menu Prestige which is 10 courses.  The menu Petit was more than enough food for us, we left feeling quite full.  In fact we weren’t able to eat the last course of little cakes.  Although, I’m not sure it would have been enough food for Brett who has a healthy appetite!  My favourite plate from the night was the fish, from Point Sampson, and cooked to perfection.  We did notice that the serving portions for our meals were sizeably different for each of the main courses.  My fish was much smaller, and my beef was much larger than my friends.

SERVICE:  3 / 5 The service was a rather hap-hazard, with different waitpersons serving our table, and at one point I had to bring up the menu on my phone to see what was happening next with our meal as we were a bit confused.  The staff were very knowledgable about the food they were serving – but decided on coming to the table and putting the food down the exact two times my guest had stepped away to go to the bathroom so I was left to explain the meal to her.  With so many waitpersons for so few tables I think they could have showcased ‘fine dining’ in a better fashion.

DRINKS: 2 / 5 We stopped in to the bar downstairs for a cocktail beforehand, I opted for the special of the day for $15 which was really nice.  We also decided to get the matching wines with dinner.  Starting with a glass of Champagne, then a white, rose’, red & liquor.  My favourite of them was the red, but the serving sizes of the glasses were small.  I feel like the drinks really let the meal down for us, we assumed that there would be 6 or 7 drinks for a 7 course menu, and with eating so much food, over such a long time, having to nurse 5 small glasses (which were probably in total 2.5 normal glasses) over an evening was a bit tedious.  At one point a waiter told me to make my red last as the next course would have no drink accompanying it, but that was just as I was pouring the last sip down.  So I looked up and stared at him, I don’t think he noticed or cared….  I was more than happy to purchase another glass but I was not offered the wine list and it all became too difficult to flag someone down.  The white was not to my taste, and the rose’ which from memory was Austrian, was not that great either.  I would have hoped for local wines to go with the local produce too.

AMUSE BOUCHE – Bread & accompaniments.  Pulled bun  2 / 5

HERVEY BAY SCALLOPS, Pea, bone marrow, pea tendrils  4 / 5

FISH, Watercress, endive, celeriac, beetroot, quail egg  5 / 5

ENGLISH SPINACH, Creamy soup, buttermilk, tortellini  5 / 5

CAPE GRIM BEEF, Parsnip, artichoke, mushroom, spätzle  4 / 5

GRANNY SMITH APPLE, Vanilla, caviar  3 / 5

CHOCOLATE, Milk, white, dark & blonde, meringue  4 / 5

Champagne  4 / 5,  White 2 / 5,  Rose’ 2 / 5,  Red  5 / 5,  Liquor 5 / 5


The restaurant had major mood lighting going on, which was great for atmosphere, but not so good for photographing!  As my pics were going to be quite grainy I thought I would keep it cute – Instagram style!

IMG_1112 2


IMG_1135 2


IMG_1124 2




IMG_1123 2


















IMG_1198Above is the cheese cart that came around to the tables who chose the 10 courses – & looked very cool!


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