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We have been throughly enjoying all of the recent hot (and sometimes rainy) weather.  The change in seasons has prompted me to get back into the garden and summer-ready our pots and beds.  This weekend we will be continuing with the gardening trend by mulching & then installing some water-wise drippers – with a break on Sunday afternoon for our (very corny) 3 month anniversary celebration!   All the outside gardening has had me re-arranging & re-potting the inside plants too, I adore the little succulent micro-garden {pictured above} I planted in an antique pepper shaker.

Molly & Beans have just had a fresh clip all ready for summer & we finally installed a much needed doggy door – which has changed our life!  With the arrival of Bean’s new automatic ball thrower this christmas we literally won’t know what to do with ourselves.  Have a great weekend! x

IMG_2568 2We’ve been making the most of this early summer weather with a few beach trips lately.
IMG_0827 2Our friend’s brand new puppy – who is so cute I nearly puppy-napped him!
IMG_4575{Photo credit: Katie Grant Photography} Looking forward to celebrating our 3 month anniversiary this weekend by cracking open the bottle of Dom my dad bought for us on our wedding day! – It has been staring at us from the fridge door for the last few weeks begging to be consumed, we were hoping it would make the 12 month mark, but 3 will have to do!!! 😉
IMG_5129I made a promise to myself not to blog on our honeymoon – which has left me with a heap of content & photographs to sort through.  So I have set aside a couple of hours each evening to work on holiday posts which usually turns into all night because I am having so much fun reminiscing.  I love this pic of Brett swimming in Tuscany.  

Okay – I had to sneek in 6 things!  Teehee- we had a heap of old-skool fun playing Jenga with friends at The Local Shack in Perth on Saturday night (early Sunday morning)…  Great spot to unwind after an evening & get a grease fix (and a sneaky extra beverage)!


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