Caffe Florian


When people ask me what my favourite part of honeymooning was my mind goes directly to Venice, it is such a romantic, pretty city!  One place I was most looking forward to visiting in Venice was Caffe Florian.  A coffee shop in Piazza San Marco (or Saint Mark’s Square in English).  You might recognise it from movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, advertisements & fashion shoots alike – as it is a popular set location.  They also have another shop in Florence, The Florian Florence is a fine dining restaurant and a museum of contemporary art.  The Venice caffe was born in 1720 and boasts it’s self as the oldest café in the world.

With long hallways connecting stunningly decorated rooms including the famous ‘mirrored room’, and the option of sitting out the front in the piazza, or underneath the arches on the worn marble – whilst listening to the Caffe Florian’s own orchestra!  It’s hard not to be lulled into a daydream of your very own movie unfolding around you.  If you do choose to sit inside like we did you won’t miss out on the ambience of the music being played out the front, as the notes drift in through the doorways and around the breezy corners along with a steady stream of tourists eager to view this elegant establishment – just as celebrities, writers, poets & artists have done for almost 300 years.

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