Hotel Baltimore Paris

IMG_2061Our first couple of nights in Paris were atcually spent at a different hotel, which wasn’t the best, there were a few problems with it – the worst of which was an overwhelming cigarette smell, but luckily we hadn’t booked there for long!  I spent a few hours researching where to head to next and was a bit nervous booking here, but our stay at The Hotel Baltimore Paris was superb.  Eager to leave the last hotel we arrived a little before check-in, the staff were very understanding and stored our bags for us whilst they settled us into their quaint little bar for a complementary drink.  Not long after they showed us to our room, which was lovely, but had a view out to the air-conditioning unit in the alleyway.  We called down to reception and explained to them that we were on our honeymoon and asked if it was possible to have a room with a nicer view.  They obliged with no problem.  We were then shown to a room on the top floor which had a beautiful view of the Parisian streets.  The next day, when we returned from a day trip to the Champagne region, we found a letter had been slipped under our door which stated that we were requested downstairs for a surprise.  The surprise was another complimentary cocktail in the bar, then, when we arrived back to our room the bed had been decorated with rose petals, along with some fruits and a note from the manager congratulating us on our nuptials!

This would be the first of a couple of M Gallery Collection Hotels we would stay in on our honeymoon and I highly recommend them, we got quite a good price for both of them through  I liked them because they are new and fresh, usually 4 stars but with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel – such as fluffy slippers, fabulous toiletries, beautiful bathrooms & bedrooms and the fantastic customer service that accompanies boutique hotels.

We spent all of our time at this one either eating, walking, aperitif-ing, or stopping for coffees.  It was only a short stroll to gorgeous bakeries, the Champs-Elysées and Eiffel Tower.  The surrounding area was wonderful to explore but our hotel was also so nice that it was hard to decide if we should stay in and make bed picnics or stroll to another picnic on the grass under the sparkling tower.

IMG_2474 IMG_2719IMG_2401IMG_2410 IMG_2580 IMG_2573 IMG_2571 IMG_2780 IMG_2786 IMG_2754 IMG_2693 IMG_2541 IMG_2540 IMG_2533 IMG_2529 IMG_2518 IMG_2503 IMG_2453 IMG_2427 IMG_2336 IMG_2299IMG_2596 IMG_2224 IMG_2174 IMG_2074

If you notice that the room I have photographed above is a little different in some photos it is because I asked reception if I could photograph a clean version of our room – as the contents of my suitcase were messing up the photographs in mine.  They didn’t have the exact same room but it was just as nice!

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