All Day I Dream About Six


All day I dream about shoes, a particular pair, you see – I am a sucker for anything mint green (especially mint green & pink), an actual sucker, so it’s no surprise I have been dreaming about these grey, mint green & pink ones, they literally make me happy by just thinking about them.  I admired them for so long that they dropped in price 3 times from the first time I saw them!  Every time I went to the shop I made a bee line to try them on & they were always cheaper than the last time I visited them!  YAY!  I decided that I loved them enough to add to my {very small} collection of clothing (I’ll explain: unlike when I was younger I prefer to buy clothes that I really love / will last / are quality, rather than the throw-away / wear-once outfits I used to buy in droves), talking about being young – & completely changing the subject – (I’ve had three coffees today can you tell?) did you ever sit in high school looking at your ADIDAS shoes reciting ‘all day I dream about sex’? All D. I. D. A. Sex…  Or was that just me and my unruly friends?  Anyway, we did, but that was then and now 20 years later I’ve grown (thankfully) but unfortunately in more ways than one, which is why when I left the Adidas outlet in Watertown the other day I found myself saying All Day I Dream About Six – a six pack to be more specific  Hence the title.

I may have grown up since my high school days which I am proud of – it’s the growing outwards I’ve been not so happy about.  It hasn’t all been my fault, with some life issues exasperating the matter, but I’ve grown up enough to realise that having an excuse doesn’t mean you have to use it.  My old workout gear was threadbare & non-inspiring (not that I’m using excuses again) which is why I went to pick up a new outfit to kickstart my journey toward a six pack…   I’ll let you know if the power of a new workout outfit, um, works out. Wish me luck…  Also, for those who want to know the details: my new workout gear cost $120, all up for the shoes, {a few pairs of} socks, shorts, top & hat!  Bargain.  Gotta love an outlet sale!  & now that I have my lovely shoes home I just have to bring myself to use them… It’s sad to say but I don’t want to ruin them, is that weird?  Luckily writing this blog post has forced me to break through that silliness & take them on their first outing – as you can see from the pictures below they went on a little bush bash through sand and all… Perhaps I should blog about my poor bike next – which only went for one, two second break-out ride down the street & now sits proudly in the lounge as an actual piece of art! – (is “I don’t want to dirty the tires” an excuse or a delusion? – It’s also mint green if that makes a difference).

nineIMG_5962 copyIMG_6114-copyPicMonkey-Collage77IMG_5737 copynew threeIMG_5938-copy

PicMonkey-Collage2new one{Busy ants getting in the way of my photographing – & managing to climb all over me!}

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