Happy Halloween 2015

IMG_3723For us, the big surprise of Halloween 2015 were the kids who came chauffeur driven to our front door – “trick or treated” – then jumped back into their parents car to wizz off to {presumably} the next destination on the trick or treat route…    It’s understandable when only a few houses on our street participated in halloween.  Children in Australia don’t have it the same as in America, the suburbs are spread so widely and so few people participate in the holiday that it’s actually not so surprising that parents have resorted to driving their children around house to house.  With that said, we had about 50 or 60 kids come through tonight – all of our initial candy went quickly & we were able to break out spares that we had stashed away because we learnt our lesson from the last time Halloween landed on a Saturday night & we ran out!

It was lovely to sit in the front room watching the sun set, waiting to dole out candy to the neighbourhood kids whilst indulging in a {signature} halloween cocktail (recipe below).  I was dressed as a white witch, Molly & Beans were witch helpers & Brett was the Hulk.  We dressed the house up with spiders & webs & skeletons & heaps of candles around the house & lining the garden path, I went a little overboard as I usually do, but when I see children come to the door who have so obviously made a big effort to dress up themselves & are so excited that they literally run up the driveway, it makes our effort seem worthwhile!

I always wished we had these types of halloween houses when I was young – I think Australia is changing in it’s excitement for this holiday, as a child, my friends and I used to get dressed up but so few houses opened their doors to us and it was disappointing  – I distinctly remember the old Italians down the street would give us jars of homemade lemon butter (yum I wish i had some right now) one or two houses would have store bought candy and few people would give biscuits or choc-chip cookies – then there was the guy on the corner who worked in the mines and gave us a $5 note to share…Which for 1989 was crazy! -& what was more crazy was we took hours to get ready and then the whole ‘trick or treating’ took 10 – 15 minutes in total.  But halloween really isn’t about what you get but what you give.  We as children never really cared about the candy so much as the dressing up & excitement of it all.

A few years ago we had a dad come to our door & ask us if we were participating in trick or treat (he presumed we were because of our decorations) – when we said yes he asked if we could give his boys a specific treat which he handed to us, explaining that they could only eat allergy free food.  Mum & dad arrived back 5 minutes later with kids in tow & they were so excited & so god-danm cute – they were twins, dressed up as vampires, so double cuteness!  We were more than happy to assist in them having a great night & it’s this story and the one from tonight that reminds me that things really are changing here in Perth, we may be still a little behind the rest of the world, but we are changing to fit our our needs.

Our Halloween Signature Cocktail –

My Version of a White Russian
1 Part Vodka
2 Parts Kahlua
5 Parts Milk
Served over ice

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