My DIY Bridal Bouquet

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One reason we gave ourselves only two months of preparation from setting a wedding date until the actual day was the abundance of choice, here in Perth, for everything weddings!  A small time limit was key to our success, without it I believe we would have become lost in the details;  From the what-s, where-s and when-s of it all and then the fact that making even the smallest decision for the big day had knock on effects to other details, it all just seemed too much.  It lead us to start questioning why, why we were doing this – & our answer turned out to be that we wanted to be married, and that we didn’t really care as much as we thought we would about the what, where & when-s.

Once that detail was out in the open and the pressure was off it was much easier to plan everything.  Having been engaged for nearly 2 years and never really discussing ‘real’ wedding plans (because it was all so overwhelming), we found it was a great starting point to just talk about what really mattered most to us.  We began by writing down our top priorities and going from there, it turned out that the honeymoon was the most important aspect for both of us, so we started planning it & once it was booked everything seemed to flow perfectly.

One thing that did have me a little troubled though, were the bridal bouquets.  We didn’t have a huge budget for the wedding, in fact we didn’t really have any budget, just the knowledge that every dollar spent on the wedding would be one less glass of Prosecco on the Amalfi coast, or one less indulgent croissant on the Champs-Elysées!  To be fair, it wasn’t just the price of the flowers that had me questioning if we needed them, but the horror that they would only be enjoyed for a few hours and then discarded, to me it seemed wasteful.  Also, most of the florists I called dealt with larger weddings so the quotes I was given were equalling to 10% of the total cost of our wedding – & sometimes more!  For a boutique shin-dig like ours it just didn’t feel right.

So I decided that I would rather pull something pretty together – myself – on the day  & with the help of Brett and the ladies I think we did a marvellous job!!  When the makeup artist arrived on the morning of the wedding Brett headed off to the The flower Market in Subiaco & once there sent me pics of all the different flowers, I had a couple of things in mind, such as proteas, Geraldton wax & eucalypts.  The lady at the shop was quite helpful & loaded Brett up with a bunch of different.. well bunches.  All up costing $152!   He dropped them off to the hotel suite right as we were popping open our first bottle of bubbly (then headed off to a breakfast himself) & it was actually rather fun putting them together, I’m glad we had that little job to keep our hands busy throughout the morning.  It was all made much easier with the help of my sister in law Katharina (who is somewhat gifted & the craft department) & a few tools I had picked up from Big W.  I think the bouquets turned out beautifully, they weren’t as put together as ones we would have bought, instead much more relaxed, which kept with the laid back feel of our nuptials, & we were happier with.


MY DIY BOUQUET:  One main pink protea, eucalypts foliage, Geraldton wax & some unexpected tulips which were Brett (& the Flower Market lady’s) pick.

SMALLER DIY BOUQUETS:  My sister had the same but a little smaller – without the protea & using a different mix of flowers.  My two nieces had a mini-bouquet each including a big pink rose & freesia.

***  We put them together by grouping each section & layering in an anti-clockwise circle.  Each bunch was tied together with green wire & covered with thick white ribbon.

The rest of the flowers, along with a whole bunch of greenery I cut from our garden the day before, were walked around to The Trustee & used down the table (it ended up looking amazing with the help of their team), you can read about our wedding reception at The Trustee HERE.

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  • Rigel Barry

    just gorgeous! I made my wedding flowers too. I really enjoyed the process and having that extra personalised touch on the day.

    • Hi Rigel, Thank you so much! Yes I found it gave me something to do with my hands too – otherwise I would have been bored out of my brains watching the other ladies get their makeup done.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Jo Goh

    wow I love a good DIY! This was such a joy to read. I love how you and your partner have made the wedding your own and not buying into the idea of having a super extravagant wedding for the sake of it, and remembering the whole purpose of getting married. Your DIY bouquet is absolutely beautiful.
    JoAnn Goh

    • Thank you so much JoAnn!

      Thank you for stopping by! xoxoxox