Relaxed Wedding Reception at The Trustee Perth


I’m not sure where to start in describing to you our wedding reception.  So I’m just going to throw a few words out and go from there;  Easy, fun, gentle, intimate, romantic, warm, just right.  If a wedding is supposed to be a reflection of a couples personality then ours was a perfect fit.  Brett and I have lived and worked together now for 8 years, we literally spend 24 hours a day together and are nauseatingly joined at the hip so to speak, so it makes sense that our wedding would be intimate, we both adore the rain so we wanted to be married in the winter;  However, I have always wanted an informal garden wedding, I was picturing a rustic long table bbq in a field, but as you can guess winter & garden weddings don’t go together so swimmingly – there is a pun in there somewhere!  Anyway, I mentioned in this post, of how hastily our wedding was planned, which had us worried we wouldn’t be able book anywhere on such short notice (wedding venues here in Perth can typically book solid up to 2 years in advance), but as it was winter – and nobody gets married here in winter – all of the venues I inquired with were available.  I feel the trend for winter weddings here in Perth will catch on, our summers are uncomfortably hot and the milder seasons are quite windy, but winter can harbour some perfectly still & sunny days (where your makeup doesn’t sweat off).

Each of the different venues that we were looking at had it’s own pull factor, but at the last minute just before we booked the front runner I did a google search and found The Trustee, it was exactly what we were after, so I downloaded their Wedding Pack online and took a girlfriend for dinner to do a little reconnaissance.  I had walked by the place so many times but never considered it for our wedding.  The food / service was amazing, so we met with Renata – their events co-ordinator, who we warmed to immediately, she embraced our vision & wasn’t scared by our short time constraints / relaxed attitude.  She did an amazing job putting the whole evening together in a matter of weeks and truly made magic from the props I dumped at the door the day beforehand, which included a couple of big buckets of foliage cut from our garden, some candles & jars from K-mart and other junk from around the house.  On a side note, I say junk, but it was funny to hear my mum walk into the room and say “oh, I wondered where they had gone” in relation to the antique candle holders that were once hers (before I borrowed them from home so many years ago), but all jokes aside, it was nice to look back on the photos from the night and see the candle holders that have meaning to our family, it was those personal touches that make the memories special, even the new decorations such as the lightbulb ampersand now sits on our bar cart as a memento.  Just to paint a picture for you of how relaxed we were, I wrote the name tags for the photo booth out myself that morning as the other girls were getting their hair & make up done, also, I had my brother in law walk the left over flowers from this post DIY BRIDAL BOUQUET around to the restaurant from our hotel suite a couple of hours before the wedding.  There were so many little touches that The Trustee went above and beyond on helping us with, like organising a kids table, Renata even decorated the plain white wedding cake that we delivered the day before with the foliage she had left over from the table decoration.

Our evening started with canapés and drinks in the bar underneath the large window, they arranged our cake to be cut in this room and then moved it back into the main dining room, the food was impeccable, service unobtrusive yet never lacking, the drink selection was just right and they even plated our cake up with ice-cream & decoration.  All in all I really feel that The Trustee out did our expectations and gave us a perfect night to remember.  We ended the evening by walking hand in hand back to our hotel, excited for our Europe honeymoon the next day, leaving behind the lingering sound of our guests having an extra drink to celebrate for us!

{Location: The Trustee Bar & Bistro, St Georges Terrace Perth}

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{Photographs above by: Katie Grant}


Photograph courtesy of my Dad! Teehee x

  • Moira

    Beautiful table so romantic

    • Sarah B

      Thank you Moira! x