Cool Summer Cool Dyson

PicMonkey Collage11Our usual HOT Perth summer is taking it’s time to start up this year – it’s been rather mild to say the least, in fact we have just had our coldest December day in 54 years!  It may have been a cool summer so far but we all know what is just around the corner (for non Perth-ies it’s going to get HOT HOT HOT!).  All of the moderate weather hasn’t stopped the office from heating up during the midday hours & especially after climbing up & down so many steps to get lunch!  So whilst I am still able to ascend the stairs holding a box (without getting heat stroke) I am taking advantage of the cool weather to get a cool looking Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan up to the office – cool summer cool Dyson!

I chose this fan because it fits into our ascetic here without being obtrusive & well, looks cool – but most importantly it’s super quiet.  We have a big bulky portable air conditioner in the kitchen which is noisy – the drone gives me a headache – so instead of taking 10 minutes to fill it with water and get it started, I now switch on the (much more water wise) Dyson and place it next to my chair until I’m cool, I can then move it to the corner of the room when I get too cold.  It does a great job at cooling both myself & the room down quickly – such a great job that Brett has gone and bought himself one for his room too!  Did I mention that the fan comes with a remote?  So we don’t have to get up from our desks when we want to change the settings YAY!

To give you some indication of how warm the office gets during the day, every Monday morning we enter to find another pot plant has gone to plant heaven…  For someone like me who is such a green thumb at home it’s devastating to have so many perish at the office.  I have promised myself that I am not going to let another one bite the dust – so instead of bringing any more to the office (& their doom) I got creative.. & drew them onto the walls!  They look just as pretty & are totally water wise! What do you think???

Our new cool cactus artworks paired with our cool summer cool Dyson have made it a joy to come in to work, along with the exciting Christmas feel in the city & even more exciting projects M&B have planned (think DIY swim up tiki bar) – its set to be a great Summer!

Brought to you by Dyson.

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