Friday Five


Walking to get Peonies for the office – they are so beautiful and lasted ages, from Aneura in the State Buildings at Cathedral Square {on the corner of St Georges Tce & Barrack St}.  I am in love with the recent renovation of these buildings & can’t stop myself from taking a detour through when I walk by of a morning!

We have been gearing up the Christmas spirit this week – there are fairy lights all over the house & we have finally finished decorating the tree {it has been up & bare for weeks}, I may have gone overboard with the lights on the tree – it feels like you are going to have a fit if you look at it and walk at the same time!  Tonight we’ll be savouring the last quiet evening for a while, getting the house and ourselves ready for the silly season.  If I don’t go home and collapse first, we’ll stay in the city to watch the snow in London Court again, then go home and collapse after what has been an exhausting week!  I hope you have a great weekend too.

Friday2I found this photo on my phone, I took it at a Five Guys restaurant in London – they have Crayons & paper for people to doodle on / write thank you notes whilst they wait for their food – such a cool idea!Friday3We lucked into catching this firework display on our walk home the other night!! Love!Friday4We have a few friends kiddies bday parties coming up – so this big kid (me) took out a few pieces from my vintage Barbie collection to see if there is anything I can wrap up and gift! 
Friday5Beautiful sunset on our evening walk