New Traditions

IMG_6784When I was younger Christmas used to be full of traditions, mostly from my parents English heritage and a mix of their new Australian life.  The day included going to the beach in the morning at about 9am to meet with friends for a little picnic / dip in the ocean before the day got too hot, after which we would have Christmas lunch at our house or a friends.  The lunch would always be a full roast turkey with all the ‘traditional’ trimmings, boozy sweets, lots of presents to open & an afternoon nap from overindulging in the heat.

I used to think that unless I kept our Christmases exactly the same as they were when I was younger they somehow wouldn’t be as good, so I tried to recreate them, but in the last few years I have noticed some of our own traditions start to form & now that we are older and have our own families I have been enjoying the new traditions more than the old – my mum’s layered Christmas salad is one of them, it is a fresh break from the ‘hot’ side dishes we used to serve and such an unusual mix of flavours that now Christmas wouldn’t be the same with out it.  I also look forward to my sister in law’s desserts, her Austrian Christmas cookies are my favourite and this year she also made a tree shaped fruit salad that I hope to see again next year! {another new tradition maybe?}

Every year since we have been together Brett and I have had a champagne breakfast with croissants while opening our presents, it is a really special time for us & we even keep it going on to Boxing day!  I love that we have a special piece of the holidays that we made ourselves, our own tradition.  Another was we only gave each other one present and I really liked that we had to think a little harder as we could only buy one.  We also did a secret Santa with the family, so all up we only had 2 presents to buy which made the silly season much calmer – so I hope we will keep this tradition going!  Although, we did sneak in a couple of gifts for ourselves (the gold edged plates from West Elm were a pick from myself to myself – teehee), but it was good as we didn’t over spend on ‘stuff’ that we didn’t love (Brett purchased a couple of items for himself too).

My own little gift made it fun to dress the table this year – I had a few different plates to choose from (me deciding how to dress the table pictured below), I added a silver sequinned table cloth {$12 a metre with VIP card at Spotlight} & a big ribboned bow to make the table look like it was a wrapped present.  I have a little obsession with plates, I like to use the ‘good’ ones every day (because every day is special in my books), but that has left us with an uneven number due to a couple of breakages, I love that the West Elm ones are pretty but also a reasonable price – $14 each mix & match, so I can add to the collection and grow it to include bowls etc on Birthdays or throughout the year!

All of the new traditions we have been incorporating have brought back the childlike excitement to the holidays for me & I look forward to adding to them as the years pass.

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