Steam Boat On Lake Lucerne


To me, the glistening Lake Lucerne in Switzerland is one of the prettiest places on earth, it feels so fresh and clean & is home to friendly people who offer up tasty food.  This was my second visit to the area in my lifetime (it was the one place I was looking forward to showing Brett on our honeymoon) & it was just as beautiful as I remember it.

A clear sky reveals the crisp mountains surrounding the lake one moment and then hazes over the next, giving the whole place an etherial feel.  Looking down into the deep green water you could imagine a mermaid swimming past or fairies sitting on the backs of the ducks that float by, when you can see things clearly again it’s young children kayaking past or speed boats filled with sun kissed families smiling and waving.  The edge of the river is the place where everyone gathers, at hotels, restaurants & recreational beaches, school holidays and summer and fun linger in the air – the steam boat we have taken a full day trip around the river on is filled with tourists who wave at each other from passing boats, the swiss flag flaps on the back of each and makes a stark contrast against the azure in the breeze of the wake.  Each port we stop at is prettier than the last in the ever so slightly changing landscape.

Beautiful homes are scattered along the hills, mostly wooden in keeping with the area, then sometimes big modern glass fronted mansions.  Churches sit on the edge of steep valleys – their bells echoing in the distance, and then every once in a while a stunning castle like building emerges from a cut in the alpine.  Towering mountains give way to small rolling hills – the kind which have one lonely tree perched at the top – the kind you long to go and sit under for the day and ponder life –  the boat turns past small islands and continues away from the shore toward the mist, the deepening water is still clear but bluer and even more beautiful.

Lucerne it’s self has a festival on & food & people abound, back on the boat the steam paddles furiously pump water around, splashing up at the viewing windows.  All of a sudden the misty sky gives way to dark clouds and the heavens above open up, light rain at first, then a torrential downpour, lighting is sighted close by at the tip of the passing mountain just as thunder claps above our heads, the air is electrified and we watch waves of rain and wind fly over the once flat lake toward us, soon after we take shelter in a port {having had to skip a stop due to the weather being too bad to stop there}, the crew close the outside area and usher everyone inside until it becomes safe to venture to the outer decks again.  As we make our way closer toward dark snow capped mountains the air becomes crisp and cold, no one is prepared for the change in weather but the beauty of the landscape keeps us standing in the elements in awe whilst huddling under light cardigans.  The last of the passengers depart and we head back to our initial stop, as the boat turns past a bend in the lake toward the edge of the snow capped mountains the air suddenly changes to a sweet warm breeze again.  The stormy skies have departed & summer is back like the flick of a switch.

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