White Pearl Nectarine Gin Fizz

White Pearl Nectarine Gin Fizz | Molly & Beans | Australian Lifestyle Blog

We have a house guest staying with us at the moment so I decided it would be fun to make up a batch of cocktails for us tonight.  I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with a few different versions of my favourite cocktails.  The French 75, Classic Gin Fizz & Bellini.  I had the most amazing Bellini at the rooftop bar pictured in this post: JW Marriott Venice.  I think the reason I loved it so much was the simplicity of the ingredients (& perhaps the view of Venice).  I also had a concoction that looked like a Kir Royal but was more of a French 75 (which is pictured in the post) which gave me the idea for this drink.

As nectarines are in season here and on sale at the shops I used them instead of peaches (I’ve made up the trial ones pictured with yellow as they were riper but have set aside white nectarines for tonight).  My recipe included the following ingredients: Nectarines, Gin, Basil, sprinkles & Sparkling wine / or Tonic Water.

For the recipe I used one full shaker cap of gin, half a nectarine & one small basil leaf per glass – muddled together in the shaker (I used a wooden spoon to muddle them until the nectarine had disintegrated).  I added one more cap of gin (for good luck) and gave it another stir then chilled the mixture in the fridge whilst I got the cups ready.

For the decoration around the edge I used cupcake sprinkles called Pearl Sand that I bought from Woolworths.  I used a little piece of nectarine wiped around the side edge of the cup and then sprinkled the pearls on to the glass over a bowl, wiped the top rim with more nectarine & dipped it into the bowl with the discarded pearls for a fuller effect.

I poured the gin mixture into the cup & topped with sparkling wine (about half and half).  In this heat you would only want one or two this way before you have to lie down for a nap!  The rest I made by filling the glass with tonic water (so they were basically a G&T with some extras added.

I went with the Gin Fizz name as the mixture fizzes up and spills over the glass if you aren’t careful (which happened to me nearly every time) this can make the glass really sticky due to the pearls sliding down the edge with the overflow.  The pearls themselves add all the sweetness I think the drink needs & the basil gives it a twist & keeps it from being too juice like.

I hope you have fun experimenting like me if you decide to make something similar!

Chin Chin!!

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  • I, too, have recently discovered gin… It was always my father’s preferred cocktail elixir. I am going to try this recipe this weekend. I am actually interested in joining your Pinterest Travel board for our sites Peruvian Times and Peruvian Travel Trends (www.pinterest.com/FerturTravel/). Saludos!

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the drink, cheers! I’ve just added you on Pinterest – happy pinning xxx

  • I’ve become a bit of a fan of gin lately it makes really refreshing and light cocktails, I especially like the fruit ones 🙂
    Your photos are beautifully styled x

    • Sarah B

      Thank you Michelle! x