Guided Tour of the River Seine & Eiffel Tower


On our last full day and night in Paris we splurged for a Guided Tour of the River Seine & Eiffel Tower, at the time it was an extravagance which we weren’t sure would be worth the money, but it turned out to be a truly memorable excursion, which still feels like an unforgettable experience of a lifetime & I’m so glad we opted for the tour.

There were two choices for the tour, either doing the tower first and the cruise second or the cruise first and tower last, we chose the latter, thinking it would give us more time to look around the tower afterward, which it did – I think it was a better choice so would recommend it.

The tour started in the early evening, our small group met outside the Museum of Architecture, where we were given earpieces to be able to listen to our guide without him having to shout, we then took a stroll down to the boat, & boarded without fuss only to be informed that our tour had been over catered for with alcohol (can you imagine the excitement!) there were only about 10 of us and they were expecting around 25, so we were able to over indulge in bubbly for the entirety of the cruise!

The tour guide, bless him, even indulged with us in a few glasses of Champagne, which was fun as he really put his all into the giving us the best experience – everyone was quite tipsy as you can imagine – to give you a picture of the day, the tour was a mix of American & English couples in their 60s & 70s who still knew how to have a good time!

The cruise its-self, which I’ll post about later, was magical, when it finished we ended up back underneath the Eiffel Tower – with perfect timing – at dusk just as the first ‘light show’ was starting.  It had been drizzling on and off all day, so we all had umbrellas, which was handy because it began to pour down when we reached the line for the tower.  Our tour was a skip the line, but it wouldn’t have mattered because we pretty much had the tower to ourselves, due to the weather.

I don’t often do guided tours as I prefer to wander around myself when traveling, but this one was fabulous, informative without being overloading, and the guide himself was an entertaining person who kept the attention of his audience.  We all caught the elevator up for more of a history lesson on the tower, then the guide left our group, and we were able to climb up to the very top of the tower by ourselves and go at our own pace.  Brett and I continued looking around for another hour, taking photos & enjoying the magical experience.

The rain, clouds and light show at the top were amazing, a truly spectacular sight!  I had a few heart attack moments where I was slipping around at the very top because of the rain, but after my fear of heights subsided it was hard to tear myself away from the stunning view.

When we finally left, we continued strolling down the long park to the other side of the tower, taking pictures of the sparkles & dancing in the rain until midnight, capturing other couples in love who were also watching the show underneath their umbrellas – so romantic!  We reached the end of the promenade & cleaned our shoes off in the puddles before catching an Uber back to our hotel for our last sleep in Paris – to dream about The Eiffel!

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