10 Reasons To Move Into An Apartment

10 Reasons to move into an apartment | Homesales.com.au property listings | Molly & Beans Australian Lifestyle Blog
I have a secret hobby.  It’s fuelled by my desire to move into an apartment.  At night when I’m winding down for the day, with the TV on in the background I can be found flicking through the property listings on Homesales.   I love seeing what apartments are available, how much they are to rent or buy, their layouts & facilities, but – as it would be such a big change from our current living situation (of a large house in the suburbs) we’ve been debating if it’s right for us.  Here are my top 10 reasons to move into an apartment:

  1. Less space to keep clean  I’ve learnt that the bigger the house is, the bigger the constant battle to keep a certain level of cleanliness becomes.  For me it’s a never ending nightmare and the number one reason I would love to downsize into a smaller apartment.
  2. No gardening  Hooray for a having a little balcony full of pot plants that need a little attention! & hooray for having my weekends back – which are currently spent mowing, weeding, mulching clipping & dreading having to get out there!
  3. The facilities  A pool that you don’t have to look after. Check.  A gym that you don’t need to drive to.  Check.  Shared spaces that don’t need maintaining – the list goes on.  I would say the biggest drawcard for apartment living is the fact that you feel like you’re staying in a 5 star hotel but you never have to leave!
  4. The sense of community  The obligatory morning wave to your neighbours will become morning chit chat in the elevator.  I think it would be nice to cultivate a sense of community within the surrounds of your building, nearby parks and playgrounds or at planned activities.  I can imagine weekends spent walking to events such as The Taste Of Perth – instead of staying home doing the gardening.
  5. No sitting in peak hour  Sometimes I feel like half of my life has been spent sitting in traffic on the freeway.  Moving into an apartment so we could walk or bus to work (with a much shorter commute) makes so much sense.  Oh the things I would do with all of those wasted traffic hours!
  6. No designated driver  Or exorbitant taxi rides home if you decide you do want to have a drink.  I will admit that the logistics behind getting to pubs / clubs and restaurants sometimes leaves me resenting having to do so.  Currently I’d much rather stay home and relax after a week spent fighting the traffic.  Apartment living would open up a world of opportunities for going out at night.
  7. Forget taking the bin out  Or hearing the bin man come down the street & rushing out in your dressing gown only for him to fly past you – you can forget about taking the garbage bin out forever.
  8. Better decorating budget  As a girl who loves decorating this fact delights me, with less space to fill in a smaller apartment the budget is sure to go further.  No more sporadically filling space with cheap flatpack furniture so that you don’t have an empty house.  To me less space equals making more thoughtful purchases of good quality furniture.
  9. More money in your pocket  The bigger the property the more it costs, there are hundreds of little things that add up, I don’t even want to think about how much money would be saved without the endless trips to the hardware store for property maintenance, also with less driving the constant drain to the wallet at the gas stations should ease up.
  10. Pet friendly  For so long having a furry family member meant not being able to move to an apartment.  Now new apartments are being built as ‘pet friendly’ so we can finally move into one with Molly & Beans!  There are also heaps of ingenious pet accessories for people who are living in apartments with pets – the space saving pot plant that doubles as a dog bed is my favourite!

I definitely sound like I have talked myself into living in an apartment, now for the fun part of finding the right one for us.  I’ll be keeping up my hobby of searching through Homesales.com.au until we do!  What new hobby should I take up once we no longer need to flick through Homesales looking for an apartment?  Maybe an interest in property investment –  as they have a nifty Investing tab that makes looking for an investment property a breeze!

10 Reasons to move into an apartment | Homesales.com.au property listings | Molly & Beans Australian Lifestyle Blog10 Reasons to move into an apartment | Homesales.com.au property listings | Molly & Beans Australian Lifestyle Blog10 Reasons to move into an apartment | Homesales.com.au property listings | Molly & Beans Australian Lifestyle Blog

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  • Kaitlyn O’Malley

    Great post, almost convinced me but I do love my townhouse too much haha. I would love to join your collaborative “Travel” board on Pinterest. I’m at https://www.pinterest.com/kaitylyn/ thank you!

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    Great post! I would love to be added to your collaborative travel boards on pinterest! I’m at https://www.pinterest.com/seenicwander/ Thanks 🙂

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    My first home was an apartment and for all the reasons you listed – no gardening, a caretaker, gym/pool/spa I didn’t have to look after or maintain it was great! Especially as a single girl I felt safe there and surrounded by others even when I was home alone 🙂