Rabbit and Roar -ing Forties


West Elm Rabbit & Roar swivel chair in dusty blush / lustre velvet

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a few weeks back that I entered a West Elm X Kerrie Hess competition to win a Rabbit & Roar swivel chair, and, just to explain how excited I was to enter, I have been on the hunt for a velvet desk chair for a looonng time, something I could lean back into and swing around on and fold my legs up on to.  I didn’t want just any chair and I knew that if I waited the right one would come along.  So when I spied this blush beauty, with its antique brass finished legs and mid century design, I fell in love.

You can imagine my reaction (thrilled is an understatement) when I found out I had won, and I think it made it all the more thrilling that I was chosen by a lady who I have long admired Kerrie Hess, to me, she epitomises modern glamour and her artwork, and her sister’s, has always been a favourite of mine.

I am so thankful that she chose me, I think West Elm & Kerrie Hess would have been hard pressed to find someone who loves their brands & the chair as much as I do!  I really do fall a little bit more in love with this inanimate object every time I see it, with the way it’s colour changes in the light from a darker mushroom to a soft pink, the feel of the luxurious velvet under hand & the visual texture it add’s to the room, it’s hard not to.

There is, however, one problem with the chair – it’s so beautiful that I don’t want to sit on it!  I’m undecided if I should use it as an every-day office desk chair because I want it to stay in it’s pristine glory for as long as possible, which is why Molly & Beans have been warned not to jump up on it, but it’s current placement in the afternoon sun is too much of a temptation for an old dog like Molly, and it is an extremely comfortable chair, so I also keep gravitating back to it as an occasional place to relax.  With all the wet weather we’ve been having it’s been nice to sit on it in the lounge room reading magazines on the weekends, which has been our go-to past time for the last few.

We did pull ourselves away to go Antiquing one of the days, I’ve always loved heading into Fremantle or Guildford and nosing around the shops for the morning before stopping for lunch.  It was a few weeks ago in Freo that we serendipitously stumbled across a magazine from the 1940’s called Lion’s Roar, which I thought would be a perfect placement next to our Rabbit & Roar chair for people to flick through, and with Gable & Garson smooching on the cover it’s hard not to want to pick it up and thumb it’s decades old musty pages.

I love the ‘antiquing’ thrill of sifting through the shops, trying to find an undervalued treasure I can take home and love.  It’s a cheap past time, if you go in with $10 or $20 in your pocket & spend the day trying to see if you can find a little piece of history to take with you and give a new lease on life.  There was a copy of American Girl from the 1950’s that I couldn’t leave behind, because of the stunning cover, the way the model is leaning back showing off the exquisite blue dress and reading a book as if she were a glamorous office lady on her lunch break.  It’s so beautiful that I think it should be in a frame on the wall.  But for now at least, it’s home will be sitting next to the Rabbit & Roar, a chair who can transcend the person sitting upon it, to instantly feel just as glamorous as the model on the magazine’s cover.

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  • Moira

    Love, love your styling and that chair wow!! Lucky you