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Social media is, for me, a social tool – which I use to connect with other creatives and hopefully grow my own readers whilst I’m at it.  I think if you want to grow your following on SM you really have to use the platform in this way, especially now with most of them updating their algorithms – it’s so easy to become lost in the sea of new posts.  This is the reason I like to follow back my followers on my social media channels, giving me the ability to easily like and comment on their work as it comes through my feed.

I’m sharing my social media tips and tricks – today Instagram hashtags.

Being social is a great way to get noticed by your followers – but what about everybody else?  I’ve found it helpful to use creative hashtags.  One that I use regularly is #sweetdreamsdlf – a hash tag born from Design Love Fest, I like this tag because people go to the tag and view it regularly, I notice an increase in likes from non-followers and people following me when I use the tag – when I go and look into the profiles further I can see they also use this tag, which shows me it’s a great tag to use.

It’s good to find hashtags that are being viewed by lots of people but aren’t clogged with millions of posts.  As hashtags are limited I find it best to steer clear of overloaded tags, for instance #blog or #pretty because the post will quickly end up waayyy down the page and let’s face it nobody ever scrolls that far down.

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It helps if you can get into the top posts section (at the top of the page when the hashtag is clicked) this will keep your post at the top and help it to be viewed by more people.  The top posts are the most recent ones with the most likes, so the more creative you get with hashtags the more likely you will be to have a post in this section.

You can see my feathers & sailing boats posts are both featured in the #SweetDreamsDLF top posts section above, and the feathers picture is also in the #WesternAustralia top posts below.

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I recommend finding & using hashtags that are both interactive and popular to your local area as it is a great way to be seen.  For instance, you can see I have used the #WesternAustralia (my home state) tag above – and even managed to get into the top posts section – this would have generated lots of clicks to my profile.  It’s even better if the hashtag promotes others by reposting pictures to their own profile (as the Design Love Fest one does) as this can generate a heap of interest if you are lucky enough to be picked for their handle, I find it works even better if it’s a local one.  A few local one’s I use are the #PerthLife & #PerthAu hashtags which I’ve been featured on a few times.

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An easy way to find good tags in your area is to see what other local bloggers are using and doing a bit of research by scrolling through the posts in your local area, or scroll through the related tags, at the top of the page – you can see the related tags at the top of the #WesternAustralia screen shot above.

I hope you have picked up a few tips & please let me know if you have any other Instagram Hashtag hacks.

I will be sharing some Pinterest tips next time.  Pinterest is my biggest Social Media driver – where a HUGE 70% of my site’s social media traffic comes from!  So don’t miss out.


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