Winter Warming Five ways

IMG_8664{Knits, taking centre place in the cupboard this season}

As we head toward winter at what seems like break neck speed, we’ve been incorporating some thoughtful changes into our usual ‘warm weather’ routine.  Here are 5 of the little touches that have made getting out of a warm bed on a freezing morning that little bit easier:

Throw rugs  Some weeks back at Ikea, I threw a bunch of cheap throw rugs into the trolly knowing they would soon come in handy – and they’ve been in hot rotation ever since!  I keep a few in a basket next to the telly for ourselves and guests, a couple in the car as ‘grandma’ leg warmers for myself (which I use daily) and for anyone else who doesn’t like driving around in arctic air-conditioning (which Brett prefers).  I found the cheap throws to be a better option as they get so much use that by the end of the season they have become stained (usually red wine spills or chocolate / coffee mishaps that won’t come out in the wash!).  I then relegate the last season’s throws to the dogs.

Dressing gowns  We booked a couples massage at Crown Casino when we stayed there for my birthday, it was an indulgent present, which seemed worth it at the time because it came with two free dressing gowns.  I wasn’t sure we would use them, but I always love wearing the hotel gowns so thought it could be a way to make everyday life feel more luxurious.  I now don’t know how we lived without them – we’ve been throwing them on any chance we get, from as soon as we get out of bed – to as soon as we get home at night.  It’s also cute to walk around the house all cozy in matching gowns that have a happy memory associated with them.

Candles  My secret Santa last year gifted me some wonderful scented candles, they are one of my favourite things to have around the house but it’s (nearly always) too hot to have them lit.  Now that it’s turned cooler it’s been nice to finally light them up.  I think it somehow makes the house feel warmer with a scent wafting around in the air, I keep one next to my desk during the day which brightens up the space, we also light them in the bathroom which gives everyday showering a decadent spa retreat feel.

Knits  My skin doesn’t appreciate indoor heating, so instead of wasting money and the environment on warming a room up I always reach for another jumper to pull on when cold.  I gravitate toward purchasing good quality knits that last in a larger size so I can roll them down over my hands if they get cold (and go purple, which happens often in winter).  I give all of my cable knits a wash during summer when they are easier to dry, by hand washing them in mild shampoo and laying flat on a towel so they don’t distort their shape.  I try to keep them as clean as I can during winter by wearing long sleeve tops underneath and spot cleaning as needed.  But a few were looking a bit worse for wear so I stopped into Myer and added five of the long sleeve basic jumpers to my winter wardrobe, I love them because they are light enough to go under a jacket but still warm.  I now have one less thing to worry about in the morning rush as I have been throwing them on as an everyday staple.

Comfort food  At night we’ve been cooking up the obligatory winter pot roasts / curries & stews but in the morning’s we’ve also been setting the alarm a little earlier so that we can cook up a hot breakfast of egg muffins (McDonald’s style), it’s a welcome way to pull ourselves out of bed & into the freezing morning.  And I have an extra way of brightening up the morning mood – a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands on top of our coffee’s – a cute idea I saw on Instagram & loved!

If you’re still looking for more ways to keep warm – check out this post on how to keep your cup warm.

IMG_8687{purple hands}
1{basket of throws in the loungeroom}
IMG_8666{luxurious spa bathrobes from Iska Day Spa at Crown}
IMG_8590{MOR candle on our bookshelf}
IMG_8574{MOR scented candle}
IMG_8560{Ikea throws | Dog beds 25% off at Better Pets and Gardens & dog jackets on sale $15 each}
IMG_8699{English muffins for our DIY McMuffins}

1{Sprinkles instead of chocolate powder to sweeten the morning}
  • This post almost makes me excited that it’s winter! Love all the cosy and warm tips and will have to try sprinkles in my hot chocolate next time.

    • Sarah B

      Thanks Nina! – Yes the sprinkles are good! xxx