99 Problems? I’ve Got 100 Ways to Solve Them!


Those close to me can attest to the fact that I am am personal development nut… I listen to, read, watch & immerse myself in PD information daily.  From putting on a Tony Robbins cd in the car on the way to work, to watching a youtube video of Jim Rohn at lunch (or one of the many modern day equivalents), I am always at it.  There is a wealth of information out there & I’m learning new ways to understand my own mind every day.  With that being said, I still have a mountain of problems to deal with, as we all do, but this CANI (to quote Tony Robbins) – Constant And Never-ending Learning, helps me to deal with life’s problems.

Sometimes in writing this journal I reflect on the issue of what gets shared, in the sense that only the good stuff from my life is highlighted – because it’s only a small part and it’s important to know that no one’s life is as perfect as it may appear online.  I have my fair share of problems, I just choose to keep them private.  Although, I try not to dwell on problems as such, rather choosing to focus on outcomes (as there are a thousand ways to solve a problem, so I find it’s best to leave the ‘ways to fix’ open rather than get stuck on one), but if I did count up my problems I would be with Jay Z – hitting around 99… So I thought I would share some of the knowledge I’ve found along the way (with a few of my own added – including the hundredth way which I use for just about all of my problem solving).  Here is: 100 ways to solve a problem:

(I ‘chunked’ the problems into different areas of life that problems arise (because chunking is an excellent way to solve problems lol) and it makes for easier reading!  But most of them can be used across multiple areas)


ONE Invest in better quality sleep for yourself.  2. Go for a walk or run daily.  3. Stand up and shake your body out.  4. Get a ‘resting smile face’ – where you train your face to smile for no reason during the day.  5. Use your voice, laugh, sing or breathe deeply to open your diaphragm & change your physiology.  6. Stretch and if possible become trained in Pilates or Yoga.  7. Schedule a massage to avoid ceasing up.  8. Immerse yourself in water.  Swim in the ocean, find a spa, run a bath or simply get in the shower.  9. Meditate daily.  10. Adjust your posture.  11. Get informed.


12 Seek out new ideas.  13. Accept responsibility.  14. Find a role model.  15. Pretend you are somebody’s role model (chances are, somebody is looking up to you and it’s your responsibility to show them the way).  16. Change your focus.  17. Plan & set goals / think on paper.  18. Spend more time with positive people.  19. Find someone to talk to / ask for help.  20. Pursue benevolence.  21. Change your philosophy.  22. Remove any limiting beliefs you have. 


23 Get organised.  24. Keep tidy.  25. Sort & streamline.  26. Move things around.  27. Create beauty in your life & surroundings.  28. Find the natural home for things & always put them back straight away.  29. Make cleaning a habit.  30. Anticipate future needs.  31. Listen to uplifting music for momentum.  32. Take the time to do outstanding jobs – get a couple of hours less sleep if you have to.  33. Make things easier for yourself / find a lazy way of doing a job that saves on time.

Relationships34 Think before you talk.  35. Log off from everything (computer, social media, tv, you get it..)  36. Find a way to help others feel good.  37. Cultivate a habit of letting yourself feel good ‘just because’ – you don’t need a reason.  38. Say please & thank, not just to strangers – but also to your loved ones every time & watch the difference it makes to their dealings with you.  39. Recognise what energy is being shared & change it if necessary.  40. Share what you can whenever you can.  41. Ask yourself better questions (& you’ll get a better answer).  42. Listen / be a good listener.  43. Let some things slide.  44. Change your own mood.


45 Start an investment fund.  46. Get clear on your situation.  47. Do a payment plan if you are behind.  48. Save before you spend.  49. Only add value (e.g., don’t buy unnecessary junk).  50. Refine your life to the essentials.  51. Develop skills & gain knowledge in problem areas.  52. Get creative.  53. Find untapped potential / look for fringe benefits.  54. Research what you don’t know.  55. Compare the real cost, find out the true value.


56 Try new things / get around new challenges.  57. Keep going / don’t give up.  58. Volunteer & donate what you can.  59. Leverage yourself.  60. Dream big.  61. Find reasons that will pull you so you don’t have to push yourself.  62. Stack the good things in life / get a mental inventory of proud accomplishments.  63. Push yourself past your limits so that you feel good about your personal growth.  64. Believe in yourself.  65. Go to inspiring places.  66. Get energised.


67 Ask what can be done.  68. ‘Do’ without being asked.  69. Set boundaries.  70. Take chances.  71. Evaluate your surroundings.  72. Seek out inspiring people (online if you can’t in person).  73. Consider others point of view.  74. Start a conversation.  75. Add value yourself in areas you see are lacking.  76. Create opportunities.  77. Get invested.


78 Eat an apple a day, every day with no excuses.  79. Follow your intuition.  80. Be prepared in advance / don’t start the day / week / month until you have it planned.  81. Journal.  82. Hydrate your body with water especially before problem solving.   83. Fast after indulging.  84. Make it fun.  85. Don’t take for granted.  86. Celebrate progress.  87. Get a better story (tell yourself a different story about ‘why’).  88. Watch for clues as success leaves clues. 


89 Find the success in failure – there is some kind of nugget there you just have to uncover it.  90. Have childlike enthusiasm.  91. Be curious.  92. Separate major from minor.  93. Turn it off and then back on again (in the case of tech) / leave the problem and come back to it after a break with a clear head.  94. Learn to start new disciplines.  95. Fake it until you make it.   96. Get started NOW.  97. Use the power of repetition & gain muscle memory.  98. Don’t be a follower.  99. Imagine a better future.


Problem solving is something we will always have to do as there will always be more to come.  The trick is in finding a way to get better problems.  For instance, changing the problem of not having enough money to buy lunches for yourself to the problem of not knowing what restaurant to go to for lunch…

Dog Beach

A lady walking with her dog at Mosman Dog Beach.  I like to do my ‘problem solving’ walking along the beach with the dogs!

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