Friday Five

Friday Five 1The most beautiful bloom I spied at Harper Hair in Subiaco

I had a bit of a shock this last weekend when I was driving through the city and a police horse stepped backwards into the road and hit the back of my car!  I saw it happening in slow motion and I tried to avoid it, but it was all too quick.  There was a little bit of damage to the car but I really only cared about the horse, I was so scared that it had been hurt – but she was okay – phew.  I gave her a few pats & tried to calm down – and after a one too many pumps of Rescue Remedy – finally did calm down by the end of the day.  Does anyone else use Rescue Remedy?  Do you think it really works or do you think that it’s all in the head?  I’m a believer.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Friday Five 2I could sit and watch the yacht’s on the Swan River all day, its so peaceful – but I always think they are about to crash into each other!

Friday Five 3‘The’ horse… See she’s okay – not even a scratch. A lovely animal who nibbled my hand.

Friday Five 4I’ve been loving the crisp mornings, there is a special smell in the air that I adore.

Friday Five 5We’ve been using our entertainment card for cheap eats lately, the books are such great value – buy one here: Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation $13 from the sale of every book will go to them.  

  • Emma McKay

    The horse is beautiful! So glad she is ok and the rest of the week was alright.
    PS I hope it’s not too bothersome but I’d love to join your travel board on Pinterest! I’m @simplestofA