Rome The Streets – Colosseum

Rome The Streets Two 1

I talked about how much I loved Rome in my previous post Rome The Streets.  It was a beautiful city to explore, and one of the highlights of our stroll was walking up to the Colosseum.  We wandered into a stunning church and lit some candles, then down into the shaded ruins and up to the Colosseum.  The sun was beginning to drop toward the horizon – giving the whole city a rose gold glow.  We saw a gang of cats who were residents of the ruins, with eyes so green they glowed – and an old man leaving cat biscuits out on the ancient walls for them.  Buskers filled the air with joyous sound as gulls slowly glided in circles above.  Perhaps it was our beer buzz from the litre we had just enjoyed, but this walk down the Cypress tree lined street was a magical moment in time.  The Colosseum it’s self was a truly beautiful sight, we ascended some stairs to the side of it for a perfect photo opportunity -it was framed by colourful bushes, with the stone looking almost pink in the afternoon glow.  We then wandered into the setting sun, which I’ll share in my next post: Rome The Streets – At Sunset.

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  • A Woman Afoot

    I was to Rome just a few weeks back and loved so much about it – but the crowds. You were lucky to capture a great golden hour moment!

    Happy travels,
    Ioanna (A Woman Afoot)

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  • Jessica Beck

    These photos are so amazing! I’ve never been to Rome, but it’s definitely on my list! I found your blog through your travel pinterest board, you have a beautiful website! I’d love to be able to contribute to all the travel blogs on the board!