Chicken Soup Remade


A couple of years ago I posted my Healing Chicken Soup recipe.  But since then I’ve been re-jigging it to perfect the taste & consistency.  I’ve played around with the stock and I’ve also added a couple of ingredients to the soup, including barley and extra chicken stock.  The other day Brett mentioned that this latest batch was the best we’ve ever made so I thought I would share my updated version here.


  • 1 whole large free range organic chicken
  • 1 cup of barley
  • 6 carrots
  • 4 celery sticks
  • 2 large onions
  • 6 potatoes
  • 2 cobs of corn
  • 1 can of corn
  • 2 teaspoons of powdered chicken stock
  • Water


To make the soup you will need a large pot, another container large enough to strain the stock into, a strainer & some utensils to get the chicken out of the stock {- I usually make myself an Edward Scissorhands kind of contraption to lift the chicken out & it ends up falling to pieces as I’m halfway to the bowl – just fyi}


In a large pot I place two cleaned sticks of celery (with the top leafy ends still attached); four carrots; one whole onion and the chicken (cleaned and dried).  I place all the veg in whole.

I cover the stock ingredients with water (nearly to the top of the pot) & bring to the boil.  Reducing to a slow bubble (on the lowest heat) for approximately 4 – 5 hours (the longer the better) until the stock is quite concentrated.  I keep the lid partially on so the liquid goes down about 4 inches.

I then take the ingredients out of the stock {being careful with the chicken}.  And leave the whole chicken in a large dish to cool.  I set aside the vegetables from the stock to use for the dogs at a later stage.

I strain the stock into another large pot or bowl and then pour the liquid back into the original pot as it’s the biggest one I have to continue with the soup.


{you can add more of less of the vegetables to the soup depending on your liking, the amounts listed above are what I added to my last batch but depend on what I have handy}

I add two teaspoons of chicken stock & 1 cup of washed barley to the stock.  Boiling on high for an hour or so (if you soak the barley beforehand it doesn’t need as much cooking time).  The barley needs about one extra hour of cooking before putting the rest of the ingredients in.

In the mean time, once the chicken has cooled down, I separate the edible bits from the bones etc.  This is where I have an extra bowl for the dogs, for the pieces I don’t want to add to the soup, but the dogs will like, such as the skin and weird looking pieces – being sure I take out all the bones.  I mix this chicken with some of the stock vegetables and put it into containers for dog food, so there is no waste.

Once the barley has softened I add the chopped vegetables to the stock, the last batch included: 6 diced potatoes; 2 carrots cut into 1cm pieces;  2 sticks of celery cut into 1cm pieces; 1 large onion, diced.  Stirring occasionally, until cooked, approximately 20 minutes.

When the vegetables have softened I add the two cobs of corn (cut from the cob) and the can of corn (drained).  I use canned and fresh corn in the soup because I like the sweetness the canned corn adds (and I only had two husks available) but you could just add one or the other.  I continue cooking with the corn for about two minutes.

I take the bowl of chicken which was set aside for the soup and shred it into little pieces with my hands.  Once the corn is done I add the shredded chicken as the last ingredient and give the soup a good stir.

I like to add pepper to the individual bowls once served – otherwise it all falls to the bottom of the pot & makes for a very peppery last few bowls!  I don’t think the soup needs any more salt added as the chicken stock is salty enough.

Enjoy x


The organic shaped gold rim plate is $14 from West Elm



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