Friday Five

1{Which is cuter? The pink door or the owl? I spied both in Subiaco the other day!  Definitely the owl but I’m a little bit obsessed with painted doors – as you may have seen on my Pinterest board Door Colours!}

We just celebrated our one year anniversary and after reflecting on being married for 366 days (leap year) I must say that I am so grateful for the last year, sometimes with life’s daily pains it’s hard to see the wood from the trees, being too busy to step back and take it all in. So it’s nice that Brett and I now have an anchor in time, a day a year, to be able to do that together ⚓️ I think this may be my favourite thing, so far, about being married!

2Winter sunset behind a great Japanese restaurant which has the unfortunate name of Yuki.  It’s yummy tho!

4{A bouquet of roses from my lovely husband, I love the cute glitter detail!}

Sage{A sage stick, perfuming the house.}

3{Anniversary lunch and drinks in the State Buildings.  The cocktail was a creatively mixed wine spritzer served in a huge goblet with loads of fruit and ice, so refreshing & great to pair with a lighter lunch.}

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