My 3 Favourite Netflix Doco’s


I’ve mentioned lately that we have been hibernating this winter, staying indoors, reading books & relaxing.  The lull in the usual busy schedule has had us watching documentaries on the weekend, I enjoy putting something on in the background whilst we are pottering about the house, and I like how documentaries have the power pull you away from whatever you are doing (instagramming etc) and take you to amazing places whilst you’re sitting in your pj’s!

The Fear of 13  I wasn’t going to watch this one because I thought it was some kind of horror film, but I had the flu a few weeks back and was stuck in bed bored.  I’m so glad I did watch it, because it turned out nothing like I thought it would, in fact, for most of the documentary I wasn’t sure if this guy was making his story up as he went along! – I’ll leave it for you to find out if it is or not.  I had my jaw on the floor and tissue box in hand throughout.  If you’re anything like me you’ll watch the film again straight away – because as soon as I finished it, that’s what I did!  I then made Brett watch it with me a few days later.  One of my favourite quotes is at the end where Nick Yarris’ says “It was that realisation that I was becoming a person that I like, I was so proud of that, I woke up to a different person”.   It is a remarkable story about the human spirit enduring and a must watch in my opinion.  Nick is a captivating storyteller indeed!

DamNation  This doco’ was a real eye opener for me.  I’d seen it flick past on my recommended list a few times before I decided to put it on.  A truly insightful story with beautiful cinematography and a strong message.  It gave me a new perspective on something I had never known was a problem & it was nice to watch people who care deeply about our environment fight for what is right.  To see that ‘people power’ can fix some things that seem broken broken beyond repair is heartwarming.  This is another one that I have watched again and again.

The Great Alone  This was one of the documentaries I put on in the background one Sunday.  We liked it so much that we stopped doing whatever it was we were doing and plonked ourselves down to watch it properly.  The way champion dog musher Lance Mackey takes himself through life is really something to be admired.  I think most dog lovers will identify with the respect he has for his ‘best friends’.  Lance’s spirit comes through the screen as if he were your best friend sitting next to you.  Watching him take on life made me smile!  I loved this film.  I loved Lance’s can do attitude, his perseverance and the fact that he doesn’t sweat the small stuff – or even the big stuff!


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