The Library


We’ve been hibernating and generally trying to stay warm this winter – it has literally been freezing here in Perth – with ice on the car in the mornings!   So it’s been nice to stay at home and read books whilst drinking cups of tea & cuddling with hot water bottles.

Lately we’ve been in the habit of going to the library at the start of the week.  We head down an hour or so before closing (when it’s empty) – giving ourselves the run of the place to hunt through the isles for good reads.  It has ticked off a couple of the things on our ‘list of goals’ for this year, which were reading a book a week & learning a new language.  Apart from the obvious of using the library to check out novels they also have a range of other entertainment to keep you busy this winter including: DVD’s (movies & series box sets), board games – I’ve made a mental note to pick a couple up for the next dinner party we host, and language courses – we are currently listening to French.  Oui!! Merci!!

Even though I promise myself I’ll just get a few books out I always end up using the little trolly they have and lugging the maximum to be checked out home.  I like the fact that I can have a couple of different titles next to the bed and swap them out depending on the mood I’m in – which usually swings between trashy romance & suspenseful murder mystery.  Although I have also been enjoying the non fiction biography’s too.  I put the ones we’ve read straight into the sturdy bag I have set aside for them – ready to go at the front door when we need take them back – meaning no hunting for lost books.

See you at the library x


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