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Friday Five

{Which is cuter? The pink door or the owl? I spied both in Subiaco the other day!  Definitely the owl but I’m a little bit obsessed with painted doors – as you may have seen on my Pinterest board Door Colours!} We just celebrated our one year anniversary and after reflecting on being married for 366 […] Read more…


My 3 Favourite Netflix Doco’s

I’ve mentioned lately that we have been hibernating this winter, staying indoors, reading books & relaxing.  The lull in the usual busy schedule has had us watching documentaries on the weekend, I enjoy putting something on in the background whilst we are pottering about the house, and I like how documentaries have the power pull you away […] Read more…

Rose With French Vanilla 5

Find of the Week

Herbal teas are a pleasure I’m just starting to enjoy.  I’ve always been a tea drinker but anything more adventurous than English Breakfast felt a bit too much like drinking potpourri. Lately I’ve been open to re-trying things I had once dismissed, it started with a cup of chamomile (which I once detested), I poured one a few weeks […] Read more…


Friday Five

The most beautiful bloom I spied at Harper Hair in Subiaco I had a bit of a shock this last weekend when I was driving through the city and a police horse stepped backwards into the road and hit the back of my car!  I saw it happening in slow motion and I tried to avoid […] Read more…

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